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MacKintosh of Ballachraggan


This family sprang from John, younger son of the Robert McRichie who first appears as " of Dalmunzie," as is clear from documents presently to be quoted. John may perhaps be identified with a John Mcintosh alias McRichie in Soilzarie who on 2 June 1618 was fined for carrying forbidden weapons and gave caution for Robert (younger) of Dalmunzie on the same charge, and with a "John Dow McRichie alias Mcintosh in Soilzarie " who in 1621 was called upon to produce his writs and titles. P. C. Register xi., Acts and Decreets vol. 357 fol. 135.

 He first appears in 1604, as witness to charter, dated at Wester Ennoch 10 Feb., by David Spalding fiar of Ashintillie, in favour of Patrick and James Mackenzie alias McComas in Stronloyn of Dalmunzie of part of the lands of Spital of Glenshee, being described as " John Malcomtosche alias McRichie, brother german of Duncan Malcomtosche alias McR., portioner of Dalmonzie." Perth Sas. (Secretary's Reg.) iii. 421. He was at the time probably in occupation of the lands of Little Leonach, part of Dalmunzie (Do. vi. 156; vii. 369; ix. 230), but on 9th Nov. 1607 he took sasine as " John Malcomtoische alias McRichie lawful son of the deceased Robert Malcointoische alias McR. in Dalvongzie "on a feu charter by Sir David Maxwell of Teilling and his son, dated 2 Nov., of the " town and lands of Balnacraigane with houses &c. presently occupied by Alexander Malcointoishe alias Esker, in the barony of Easter Downie." Do. vi. 209. Tile property in the lands which are near Ashintully Castle and Soilzearie on the cross-road between Dalrulzion in Glenshee and Kirkmichael in Strathardle appears to have been held previously, either in feu or in wadset, by, another Mackintosh family, who were known as Duncansons and occupied Lair in Glenshee, as on 22 Aug. 1607 Janet Malcomtoische alias Duncansone, elder, Janet M. alias D. younger, and Helen M. alias D., daughters of the deceased John M. alias D. in Lair, were infeft, in them as heirs to their father on a precept of clare constat by the Maxwells dated 14 July, one of the witnesses to which was Duncan Makrichie portioner of Dalmunzie. Do. iv. 375 ; vi. 156.

In 1625 John is bailie for David Murray of Soilzearie in a sasine, and on 1 Oct. 1639 he gives sasine to his spouse, Margaret Huchoun, in the town and lands of Ballachraggan, in liferent in terms of their marriage contract dated at Nether Drumslogine 12 July 1639 Margaret perhaps being a second wife, taken in his old age. He died before 1642, as on 4 Jan. of that, year, at Alyth, Margaret Hutcheon, his widow, renounces her interest in Ballachraggan in favour of Richard Mackintosh, eldest lawful son and heir of the deceased John, for a money consideration, and undertakes to remove from the lands.-Do. 1st S. i. 106; viii. 292; x. 74.

Richard, son of John, prior to his father's death obtained from David Spalding of Ashintully a feu charter, dated 16 April 1636, of "half of the sunny half part of the lands of Innerederie " (Iuveredrie), on which he took sasine 8 March 1637 ; this portion he afterwards sold to his cousin Robert of Dalmunzie in 1658. Perth Sas. viii. 292; 2nd S. i. 389. He also had a portion of Cambus or Cams, above Inveredrie and adjoining the Spital. In the Rental of the County of Perth under Act Parl. 4 Aug. 1649 Richard Mackintosh is entered for $35 in respect of "part Cambus and quarter veredrie." He is perhaps. the person who figures in Privy Council Register in 1605 as " Richard McEwan Dowy " and in 1618 as "Richard McEndowie in the Spital." A certain "Alexander Malcomtosche alias McAndowivicrichie in Chray," witness to a charter of lands in Glentatnich to Patrick Mackenzie or McComas and Isobel Malcomtoshe alias Catanach his spouse on 29 Sept. 1604, may have been a brother Probably owing to the disturbed state of the country Richard was not infeft in Ballachraggan for some fifteen years after his father's death.

The precept of clare constat by the superior, Sir Patrick Maxwell of Teilling and Newark is dated at BenInabroich 11 Oct. 1651, but sasine was not taken on it until 3 April 1657. The precept is very definite in its genealogical particulars, being in favour of " Richard Mcintoshe alias McRitchie, lawful and nearest heir to deceased John M. alias McR. his fattier, who was lawful son of the deceased Robert M. alias McR. of Dalvongzie." The lands are described as " formerly in the barony of Easter Downie now in that of Aschintillie " and as held in feu ferine of Sir Patrick, also as having been sometime occupied by the deceased Alex. Mackintosh alias " Esker " (query iasgair, or fisher).-Perth Sas. 2nd S. iv. 141. On the day of his own infeftment, 3 April 1657, Richard granted a charter of wadset of the lands in favour of John Farquharson son of George F. of Easter Downy, afterwards of Roclialzie and Jean Rattray (of Borland) his spouse.

Among the witnesses to the charter, executed at Bordland, are Robert of Dalmunzie, John Rattray of Bordland, and Paul Farquharson, John Farquharson's half brother, described as a student in Strathardle; while the infeftment of both Richard Mackintosh and John Farquharson on precept and charter respectivel took place at the same time " between 6 and 7 a.m." our ancestors were no sluggards) and before the same witnesses, among whom was Robert Mcintosche brother-german to Richard. Perth Sas. iv. 141, 168.

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