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McIntosh of Holm
The Mackintosh or McIntosh line of Holm descends from the chiefly line of the Mackintosh's of Inverness
and can be traced back to the earliest Mackintosh of record:

Shaw d. 1179, had Shaw, living 1210, who had issue,

William, who had issue,

Shaw, who married Helen, daughter of Thane of Calder, who had issue,

Ferquhard, who married Mora, daughter of Angus Og of Isla, who had issue,

Angus who married Eva, a daughter of the Chief of Clan Chattan, who had issue,

William McIntosh, who married Margaret, daughter of Rauri McLeod of the Lewis, who had issue,

Malcolm Beg McIntosh, who married Mora, daughter of McDonald first of Moidart, who had issue,

Alan third son, who married Jane, daughter of Hugh, third Lord Fraser of Lovat, who had issue,

William Mor, who had issue,

 Donald Mcintosh, who married Catherine, daughter of Hugh Rose, ninth Baron of Kilravock, widow of John Fraser of Faraline, who had issue,

William McIntosh was ancestor of the McIntosh's of Holme,  who had issue,

William of Holme,  who had issue,

 Alexander of Holme, who had issue,

Angus of Holme b. 1671, who married Elizabeth Baillie,  who had issue,

John McIntosh of Holme, 1724, married Janet Baillie.
In Georgia we find John McIntosh of Holme in 1735 as one of signers of Creek Treaty as a witness.

From this line four collateral branches ended up in the Americas:

McIntosh of Borlum, whose line in America is Chief of Borlum.
McIntosh of Lynvilulg.
McIntosh of Holme.
McIntosh of Mala or Mallow