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MacKintosh of Kyllachy
Information on this line is sketchy at best and we are trying to find information to construct an exact
genealogy. The information contained below may be out of order due to the fact that it has been gathered
from several sources and many times contained no dates. The Mackintosh's of Kyllachy appear to be , at least in part, the same individuals as listed for the Mackintosh chiefs or perhaps more properly decendants of the lesser sons of these Mackintosh chiefs. Perhaps in time will will know for sure.

The eldest cadet branch of the clan Mackintosh was the family of Kyllachy, a small estate in Inverness-shire, acquired by them in the 17th century. Of this branch was the celebrated Sir James Mackintosh. His father, Captain John Mackintosh, was the tenth in descent from Allan, third son of Ferquhard, ninth chief of the clan. Mackintosh of Kyllachy, as the appointment of captain of the watch to the chief of the clan in all his wars.

The Mackintosh family of Kyllachy are decended from Allan, the 3rd son of Ferquhard, the 9th chief of Mackintosh of Mackintosh, and 10th chief of Clan Chattan who married Jill the daughter of Sir Alexander Innes  the 9th of that Ilk.
Alan was also the progenitor of the families of Mackintoshs in Dalmigavie, Holme and of Farr. Farquhar, Alan's father, abdicated from his clan and gave up the claims of his sons to succeed as chiefs after just two years as chief.

The chiefship, of Clan Mackintosh of Mackintosh and those of Clan Chattan, along with the titles and estates passed to Ferquhard's  uncle Malcolm,  son of William the 7th chief by his second marriage. Ferquhard's son Lachlan kept only the lands of Kyllachy and Corrnuvoy in Strathdearn, which his family held for the next two hundred years.

The genealogy below is that as reported by Alexander Mackintosh in his book Memories of

Alan 3rd son of Malcolm Beg had issue:
William Mor

William Mor Mackintosh had issue:
John , Donald the tutor

Donald had issue:
Angus MacWilliam or Williamson

Angus MacWilliam of Termit , d. 1624, had issue:
Lachlan of Dalmigivie, John, Alexander of Holm

Lachlan of Dalmigavie married a dau of Barclay of Gartlie and had issue a son:

William MacKintosh married Isabel, daughter of Farquharson of Invercald and had issue:
Donald d. 1703, John of Dalmigavie, Alexander of Farr, Kenneth, James and five daughters

Donald MacKintosh married a daughter of Dunbar of Grange and had issue:
one son Angus, and three daughters, Jean who married a Patterson, Anne who married
Alexander Shaw of Tordorroch, and Catherine who married John Barbour of Aldourie.

Angus Mackintosh was a Captain in the Mackintosh Batallion of 1715 and was captured and taken to Preston. He died in 1727. He was succeded by his son Lachlan who died unmarried and who was succeded by his brother Alexander.

Alexander Mackintosh married his cousin Elizabeth Barbour, was a merchant in London and had two sons, Angus and John

Angus Mackintosh was a LT in Keith's Highlanders serving in the Seven Years War in Germany. He died unmarried in South Carolina in 1779. He was suceeded by his brother John.

John Mackintosh married Marjory, daughter of Alexander MacGillivray by his wife Anne Fraser. He died in 1788 and was suceeded by his only son James b. 24 Oct 1765 at Aldourie

Sir James Mackintosh,noted author, lawer and politician, in 1804 he was appointed Recorder of Bombay and for his service in Indian was knighted. He was twice married first in 1789 to Catherine Stuart, leaving three daughters, and secondly to Catherine daughter of John Allen of Cressley. From the second marriage there was one son Robert James Mackintosh who became a fellow at New College Oxford. Sir James died on 31 May 1832 at his home in London.

Other notes on this family taken from various sources.

Angus Mackintosh, 6th of Kyllachy married Mark Dunbars only daughter, and together they built the
beginnings, in 1626, of what became Aldourie Castle.

Lachlan Mackintosh married Agnes Mackenzie, a daughter of Kenneth MacKenzie, third of Suddie, who,
in 1706 married Katharine, daughter of John Shaw of Sornbeg, Ayrshire, and who was the son of Capt.
Kenneth MacKenzie, who married Isobel, daughter of John Paterson, second of Suddie who served in
Dumbarton's Regiment in France in 1666, and as a Royalist Captain in Scotland.

John Mackintosh was the second son of John Mackintosh of Wester Drakies by his wife, Marjone Cowie, and  was probably descended from the MacKintoshes of Kyllachy. Born in 1674, he became an advocate, and married Mary Winram, daughter of Colonel John Winram, sometime Governor of Edinburgh Castle. He was appointed standing counsel to Inverness in 1715, and was also factor for the Mackintosh Chief, who gave him a pension on 28th May 1715, perhaps as some inducement to join in the Rising of 1715. Having been appointed lieutenant in the "Mackintosh Regiment", he marched with it into England, and after the surrender at Preston was taken to London with the other prisoners, and confined at first in the Fleet and afterwards in Newgate Prison. By the help of influential friends, and on his own representations, he was released, but not till 1717. He died in 1722. No further information has been found as to whether or not this individual had any surving heirs.

Donald MacKintosh of Kyllachy. (  decendant of Lachlan, son of Ferquhard the 9th chief of Mackintosh of
Mackintosh and in the direct line of the Kyllachy MacKintosh's ) married Jean Dunbar, daughter of Alexander
Dunbar of Grange and Jean Cockburn.They had three sons and three daughters. Angus McIntosh,
William McIntosh , Thomas McIntosh, Marjory McIntosh, Anna McIntosh, and Jean McIntosh )

Marjory Mackintosh , daughter of Donald Mackintosh of Kyllachy, married George Paterson.

The 2nd daughter, Anna Mackintosh, married Alexander Shaw of Tordarroch  ( see the Shaw genealogy line,
Alexander 13th Cheif of Shaw of Tordorrach on the   Clan Shaw  page of this site )

Jean Mackintosh married William MacBean of Kinchyle, we have no information as to their decendants.

John Mackintosh was the 9th of Kyllachy and had at least one daughter who married and had issue:

In 1716 the 10th Mackintosh of Kyllachy was Angus who had at least one daughter who had issue:
 five sons and three daughters, Simon being the fourth son.

From the MacGillivray genealogies we find a Janet Mackintosh, born in Kyllachy, who married
Benjamin MacGillivray, son of Farquhar McGillivray and Emilia Stewart, and had issue two sons

William Roy MacGillivray, born in Balnagiag, Scotland; died 1750; who married Mary McGillivray,
and  John MacGillivray of which we have no further information.

Sir James Mackintosh of Kyllachy (1765-1832) was Rector of the University from 1822 to 1824.
Born in Aldourie on Loch Ness, Mackintosh studied at King's College Aberdeen and the University
of Edinburgh before moving to London.

The witnesses at the baptism of Lydia Falconer Fraser, the daughter of William Fraser, of Dingwall,  were
Alex Falconer Esq., and Angus Mackintosh Esq., of Holme, who was in possession of the property of Holme. Angus Mackintosh of Holme in 1815 also inherited the property of his maternal uncle Phineas Mackintosh of Drummond, including Kyllachy. Lydia later married Hugh Miller and had two sons and three daughters.

Lord Kyllachy, William Mackintosh, was listed as being a member of the Senators
of the College of Justice in Scotland, May 14, 1889

The MacAllan's or more properly the "Mac Ailene's" are said to be septs
of the Grants of Dunan and Mackintosh of Kyllachy

Church of Dalrossie, Moray Diocese
Dalrossie: One of the older names for this church, 'Dulergussie' (Dail-a-Ferghais - Vale of St Fergus),
points to its ancient association with St Fergus. The surrounding graveyard has for long
been the burial place of the family of Mackintosh of Kyllachy.

The lands and Barony of 'Aultdownie' were originally a property of Mackintosh of Kyllachy (1625) in Nairnside. In 1776 Aldourie passed by the marriage of Alexander Tytler (1747-1813), later Lord Woodhouselee, with Ann Fraser of Balnain into the Fraser-Tytler family. The 17th century mansion house consisted of a rectangular main block, one room deep, with a round tower at the south-west corner. In 1839 it was extended to the west, with a two-storey wing. William Fraser-Tytler, a Lieutenant in the Bengal Army and Sheriff-Deputy of Inverness-shire for 42 years, was in the 1860s, responsible for transforming Aldourie from this relatively modest mansion house into a picturesque castle with landscaped grounds.