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John Mohr Mackintosh
Captain John Mohr Mackintosh's exploits are recorded in the chronicles of early-American colonial history. Mackintosh was a direct descendant of the Mackintosh of Mackintosh Clan Chiefs of Scotland and one of the first Scots to pioneer coastal Georgia.

According to a record in John Mhor's family Bible, he "Took shipping on board the "Prince of Wales," Captained by  George Dunbar, at Inverness in October 1735, with some hundred of sons for the new Colony of Georgia, came in at Tybee Bar the beginning of January, 1736, and landed at Darien, on the Altamaha river, the place of their destination, the 1st of
February, same year." He married Marjory Frazer of Garthmore, 4th of March, 1724. They brought with them six children born in Scotland. A further daughter Ann, called Nancy, being born in Georgia, 18th April, 1737.

As captain of the Highlanders, who came over with him, John McIntosh joined Oglethorpe in fighting the Spanish in 1740-42, being also a member of the Provincial Assembly held in Savannah in 1751. His sons, William and Lachland, served in the Revolution, the first attaining the rank of Colonel, the second Major-General, so the family early won the sobriquet, "the fighting Macintoshes."

Shortly after their arrival in Georgia, another party of Scotsmen came, among others, their kinsmen, the Baillies. Sometime in the latter seventeen fifties, Robert Baillie and Ann McIntosh were married.

 John arrived in Georgia in Januray or February, 1736, along with 44 men, 20 women, 25 boys, and 17 girls. While under the command of Georgia-Colony founder General James Edward Oglethorpe, Mackintosh raised and commanded the Highland Independent Company of Foot. This volunteer contingent of Scottish settlers joined with Indians from the Creek and Cherokee Nations, and regulars of the heavily Scottish 42nd Highland Regiment of Foot, to defeat a Spanish invasion force at the Battles of Gully Hole Creek and Bloody Marsh (ca. 1742). These victories ended the long-running Anglo-Spanish struggle over the Southeast American Colonies, securing these colonies for Great Britain.

In later years, Mackintosh’s son and nephew served General George Washington during the American Revolution. Later descendants became two Georgia governors: George McIntosh Troup and Thomas Spalding. The Mackintosh line is also associated with Creek Indian Chief William McIntosh, and the late W.E. “Dode” McIntosh, principal chief of the Creek Indian Nation.

See also the Wm Mackintosh of Borlum page of this site

and the Borlum genealogy on the Mackintosh Chiefs page of this site.

William Mackintosh, b. abt 1520, 15th Chief of Mackintosh of Mackintosh, married Margaret Ogilvie and had issue the following children:

Donald Mackintosh MCINTOSH b: in SCOTLAND
Lachlan Mor Mackintosh MCINTOSH b: ABT 1550 in Scotland-16th of Mackintosh, 17th of Clan Chattan
Margaret MCINTOSH b: ABT 1550 in Scotland
Donald Mackintosh MCINTOSH b: in SCOTLAND

The third son:
Lachlan Mohr Mackintosh, b. abt. 1550 near Inverness, 16th Chief of Mackintosh of Mackintosh, married Agnes MacKenzie and had issue, the following children:

Malcolm Mackintosh MCINTOSH b: in Scotland
Angus Mackintosh MCINTOSH b: 1568 in Scotland
William MCINTOSH b: ABT 1570 in Scotland
Alan MacIntosh MCINTOSH b: 1578 in Scotland
Lachlan MCINTOSH b: 1580 in Scotland
Isabel MacIntosh MCINTOSH b: 1583 in Scotland
Katherine MacKintosh MCINTOSH b: 1584 in Scotland
Elspet MacKintosh MCINTOSH b: 1586 in Scotland
John Mackintosh MCINTOSH b: ABT 1590 in Scotland
Duncan Mackintosh MCINTOSH b: ABT 1590 in Scotland
Malcolm Mackintosh MCINTOSH b: in Scotland
William MCINTOSH b: ABT 1570 in Scotland

The last son:
William Mackintosh , b. abt. 1570, married Elizabeth Innes and had issue , a son Lachlan.

Lachlan Mackintosh, b abt 1610, married Hellen Gordon and had issue a son, William

William Mackintosh (3rd Proprietor of Borlum) b abt 1636 near Invernesshire, d. 1716, Scotland, marr. 1656; Mary Baillie of Dunain, Daughter of William & Mary Baillie, and had issue a son William.

Their son:
 William Mackintosh, b. 1658 d. 1743, Brig. Gen (1715) Jacobite - marr. Mary Reade and had issue, two sons, Lachlan and Benjamin. ( see also the Wm Mackintosh of Borlum page of this site )

Lachlan (of Knocknagail) b. abt 1680 ,d. 1735, marr. 1stly Mary Lockhart (dau. of John Lockhart of Inverness) and 2ndly Anne Shaw, daughter of Alexander Shaw, 13th of the Ilk. and had issue , a son, John Mohr

John Mohr Mackintosh, married Marjory FRASER b: 1701 in Scotland, 4 MAR 1724/25 in Scotland, d. 1761

Gen. Lachlan MCINTOSH b: 17 MAR 1724/25 in Borlum, Inverness, Scotland ( see also  Gen. Lachlan Mackintosh )
William MCINTOSH b: 1726 in Borlum, Inverness, Scotland
John MCINTOSH b: 27 APR 1728 in Borlum, Inverness, Scotland
Alexander MCINTOSH b: 28 SEP 1729 in Scotland
Mary MCINTOSH b: 25 OCT 1730 in Balchroan, Scotland
Joseph MCINTOSH b: 1 NOV 1731 in Ardo, Bandenoch, Scotland
Phineas MCINTOSH b: 18 APR 1732 in Ardo, Badenoch, Scotland
Janet MCINTOSH b: 4 NOV 1734 in Borlum, Inverness, Scotland
Lewis MCINTOSH b: 4 NOV 1734 in Borlum, Inverness, Scotland
 Anne MCINTOSH b: 18 APR 1737 in Darien, McIntosh County, GA
George MCINTOSH b: 24 MAY 1739 in Darien, McIntosh County, GA

The youngest son, George MCINTOSH, married 1772, Ann Priscilla Houstoun, daughter of
Sir Patrick Houstoun, Baronet of Scotland and by her had issue:

John Houstoun McIntosh, died 1836, who married Eliza Bayard (daughter of Nicholas Bayard and Catharine Livingston), of New York, died 1848, and had the following children:
Catharine Ann McIntosh, married Henry R. Sadler and had:
Henry R Sadler, married Mary Halsey of Savannah.
Eliza McIntosh Sadler, married John Loud.
Catharine A. Sadler, married first, Rev. James Shanklin, of South Carolina. Married second, Rev. James H. Elliott, D. D.
Houstoun McIntosh Sadler, married Abigail Jones Buist, of Charleston, S. C.
Mary Albertis Sadler, married H. Pierce Sims.
Nicholas Bayard Sadler, married Miss Routh, of Mississippi.
Louisa S. Sadler, married Ed. Q. Bell, of New York City.
John Houstoun McIntosh, married first, Mary Randolph Higbee; married second, Charlotte N. Higbee. John Houstoun McIntosh and Mary Higbee had:
John Houstoun McIntosh, C. S. Army, killed at battle of Sailors Creek.
Joseph H. McIntosh, married.
Elizabeth L. McIntosh, married Albert B. Dod, of Princeton, N. J.
Bayard L. McIntosh, married first, Eliza Berrien daughter of Dr. Hugh Nesbitt, of Georgia, and had one child. Married second, Mary C., daughter of Dr. R. B. Hill, of Georgia. Bayard L. McIntosh and Eliza B. Nesbitt had:
Lucia B. McIntosh, married H. N. Starnes, son of Judge Starnes, of Augusta, Ga., and had four children.
Bayard L. McIntosh, by his second wife, Mary C. Hill, had:
Mary Fisher McIntosh, married D. C. Cole, of Marietta, and had issue.
John Houstoun McIntosh.
Charlotte N. McIntosh, died.
Bayard L McIntosh.
Joseph H. McIntosh, died infant.
Richard H. McIntosh.
Mary R McIntosh, married John Kilgow, of Cincinnati.
Charlotte N. McIntosh
George McIntosh, died infant.
George McIntosh, died infant.
Eliza Bayard McIntosh, married General Duncan L. Clinch,1 after whom Clinch county, Ga., was named, and a descendant of the Lamont family of Scotland, and a very prominent gentleman. They had:
Eliza Bayard Clinch, who married Robert Anderson, who defended Fort Sumter in 1861, and had five children.
John Houstoun Clinch, married Elizabeth Higbee Waldburg, of Georgia.
Mary L Clinch.
Duncan L. Clinch, married Susan Hopkins, of Georgia, and had five children.
Catherine M. Clinch, married Barnwell Heyward, of South Carolina, and had two children.
Henry A. Clinch, married Ella Ford and had two children.
Nicholas Bayard Clinch.
George W. Clinch, married Catharine Ferris, of Florida, and had issue.
George McIntosh, married daughter of James Hamilton, of New York, and had two children. Married second, Miss Salvador, of Paris, France, and had one child.