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Mackintosh Chiefs
The Mackintosh of Mackintosh arms ,Quarterly, 1st, a lion rampant Gules, armed and langued Azure; 2nd, Argent, a dexter hand couped fessways grasping a man's heart paleways Gules; 3rd, Azure, a boar's head couped Or, armed Proper and langued Gules; 4th, Or, a lymphad sails furled Azure, flagged and surmounted of her oars in saltire Gules

 "Clann Mac an Toisich"

Shaw or Sheagh, 2nd son of Duncan MacDuff the 3rd Earl of Fife, 1st of Mackintosh, died about 1179. He was the  Constabulary of Inverness, married Egidie Montgomery, daughter of Hugh Montgomery, Chief of his name, and had issue:

Shaw, son of Shaw Mackintosh, 2nd of Mackintosh died about 1210, He was Chamberlain of the Crown and
married Helena, a daughter of Thane of Calder, and had issue:

Ferquhard Mackintosh, 3rd of Mackintosh, married Mora,daughter of Angus Og McDonald, of Isla

Shaw, nephew of Ferquhard, 4th of Mackintosh, married Hellen de Cadella,
daughter of the Laird of Cawdor, and died about 1265 and was suceeded by his son.

Ferquhard, son of Shaw the 4th of the name , 5th chief of Mackintosh of
Rothiemurchus & Meikle Geddes,

Angus Mackintosh of Torcastle, married Eva, daughter of the chief of Clan Chattan
thus becoming the 6th chief of Mackintosh and 7th of Chattan. He had issue along with 5 other sons and two daughters:
William of whom succeded his father
John, father of Gilchrist, ancestor of the Shaws & Mackintoshs of Rothimorcus and Tordarrock
Angus Og, ancestor of the Dalmunzie Mackintosh's

William 7th of Mackintosh, 8th of Chattan, obtained the Barony of Moy and married 1stly ,
Florence , daughter of the Thane of Cawdor and had issue:
Lachlan, of whom succeded his father
Mora, who married Rory MacAllan Vic Ronald of Moidart

He married 2ndly, Margaret, daughter of Rory Mor MacLeod & Margaret, daughter of
John McDonald, Lord of the Isles, 5th chief of Lewis and had issue:
Malcolm Beg Mackintosh who married Mora McRanald, daughter of
Ranald McRanald, first of Moidart and suceeded his nephew as the 10th of Mackintosh
Janet who married Hay of Park
Mora who married Hugh Rose of Kilravock
a daughter who married Lord Ogilvie
a daughter who married Culloden

Lachlan, 8th chief of Mackintosh and 9th chief of Chattan, married Euphemia or Agnes, a daughter of William of Struy,3rd  son of Hugh Fraser, 3rd of Lovat, by way of his second marriage to Janet, daughter of Walter Ross of Balnagown.
Lachlan passed in 1407 leaving issue one son and one daughter:
Farquhard, who suceeded his father as the 9th of Mackintosh
Margaret, who married Chisholm of Stranglash

Ferquhard, 9th of Mackintosh, and 10th of Chattan married Jill the daughter of Sir Alexander Innes 9th of Ilk,
Abdicated from his clan and gave up the claims of his sons to succeed as chiefs after just two years as chief. The chiefship, thus the titles and estates passed to his uncle Malcolm,  son of William the 7th chief by his second marriage. Ferquhards son Lachlan kept only the lands of Kyllachy and Corrnuvoy in Strathdearn, which his family held for the next two hundred years. From this line decend the Mackintosh's of Kyllachy.

Malcolm Beg, 10th of Mackintosh, 11th of Chattan, Steward of Lochabber, Constable of Inverness, married Moira,
daughter of Allan MacDonald, 2nd chief of Clanranald and Moidart and had issue:
1. Duncan, 11th chief of Mackintosh
2. Lachlan, who married Catherine Grant of Frenchie and who passed in September 1493 was the father of William the 13th chief and Lachlan who became the 14th of Mackintosh
3. Alan, Kyllachy branch and the family of  Holme, Dalmigavie and Farr of whose decendants imigrated to Georgia
4. Malcolm who died in action
A. Murial, who married John Grant of Frenchie
B. Moira, who married Hugh Rose 7th of Kilravock

Duncan Mackintosh, 11th of the name and 12th of Chattan, married Flornce MacDonald,
daughter of the 10th Earl of Ross and Lord of the Isles and had issue:
Ferquhard, who survived his father as chief
Marjory, who married Ewan Cameron 13th of Lochiel

Ferquhard 12th of Mackintosh and 13th of Chattan was imprisioned in Edinburgh Castle from 1497-1513, married Jill the daughter of 1st Lord Fraser of Lovat. He had 2 natural sons and 4 daughters.
Hector, first natural son was the tutor of William, 15th of Mackintosh, was murdered in 1532
William,the second son of whom little is known
Ferquhard was succeded by his cousin William, son of Lachlan, the 2nd son of 9th chief

William 13th of Mackintosh and 14th of Chattan was Captain of the clan during Ferquhards  captivity and obtained the Barony of Dunachton in 1502  by way of his marriage to Isabel MacNevan. He was murdered in bed at Inverness by his 2nd cousin John Mackintosh. He had 2 natural sons of whom one was Donald Glas progenitor of the Strone branch and the family of Balnespick and Balvaid. He was survived by his younger brother Lachlan.

Lachlan, 14th of Mackintosh and 15th of Chattan, brother to William the 13th chief, married Jean, the daughter of Sir Alexander Gordon of Kenmure and his wife Jean , 2nd daughter of Lord Kennedy, and had issue:
William, who survived his father
Margaret who married Walter Innes of Calrossie
Muriel who married Alexander Fraser, grandson of Lord Lovat
He also had two natural sons:
John, ancestor to the Mackintosh's of Dunachton
William, ancestor of the family in Kinarra and Pittourie
Lachland was later murdered during a hunting trip and was suceeded by his 1st son William.

William, 15th of Mackintosh , 16th of Chattan, was a rival of the Earl of Huntley and was sumarily imprisioned, escaped and then was beheaded. He married Margaret Olilvie of the Findlater family and died August 23, 1550 leaving two sons and one daughter.
William, the eldest son, died young
Lachlan Mor , suceeded his father as the 16th chief

Lachlan Mor Mackintosh, 16th of Mackintosh , 17th of Chattan, married Agnes, daughter
of Kennethna cuire Mackenzie, 5th of Kintail. He resigned in favor of his eldest son Angus of Torcastle. He died in 1606 having had issue:
Angus, of Torcastle, father of Sir Lachlan the 17th of Mackintosh
William of Benchar and Badenoch and 1st of Borlum, tutor to Sir Lachlan, founder of the Borlum Branch
Malcolm, who married Janet MacDonald
John of Dalziel in Petty, who married Christian Mackay
Duncan of Aberader, who married 1stly , Beatrice, daughter of Angus Mackintosh
of Termett ( see the Mackintosh Provosts page of this site for more infor on Duncan )
Alan, who married 1stly, a daughter of David Rose of Holm
Lachlan, who married Jean Macpherson of Grange, from whom the Corribrough branch comes
Janet, wife of 14th Chief of MacLeod
Katherine, who married Angus MacDonald, son of the 8th Chief of Glengarry
Isabel, who married Sir Duncan Campbell, 7th of Glenorchy
Elspeth, who married David Rose of Holme a cadet of Kilvarock

Lachlan Mor ( Mohr ) was survived by his grandson, Sir Lachlan, the 1st son of Angus of Torcastle, in 1606

Sir Lachlan Mackintosh, 17th of Mackintosh , 18th of Chattan, imprisioned by the Earl of Moray and released at the pleasure of James I became chief in 1610. He was knighted in 1617. He married Anne, daughter of John Grant, 6th of Frenchie and had issue:
William, who survived his father as 18th of Mackintosh
Lachlan of Kinard who married Isabel , daughter of Graham of Claypots
Angus of Daviot who married Jean Gordon of Sachin
Isabel who married Alexander Rose of Kilravock

William, 18th of Mackintosh and 19th of Chattan suceeded his father at the age of nine. He was a staunch supporter of Charles I and married Margaret, daughter of David Graham of Fintry and has issue:
Lachlan who suceeded his father
William, of who little is known
Elizabeth who married Aleander Farquharson
Jean who married Andrew Spalding of Ashintillie

Lachlan Mackintosh of Torcastle, 19th of Mackintosh, 20th of Chattan was recognized as the sole chief of Clan Chattan in 1672 by the Lyon King of Arms. He married Magdalene, only daughter of John Lindsay, 6th of Edzelland had issue a son:
Lachlan, who survived his father as 20th of Mackintosh
he married 2ndly Anne, widow of the Master of Reay and daughter of Sir George Monro and by her had issue:

Lachlan, 20th of Mackintosh and 21st of Chattan joined the uprising of 1715, was imprisioned in London and released in 1716. He was created a peer of the realm by the exhiled James VIII although he did not take up the tiltle. He was recognized by Cluny MacPherson as the undoubted Chief of Clan Chattan in in 1724. He married Anne, daughter of Alexander Duff, 3rd of Drummuir but died without issue at Moy in 1731. The chiefship thus passed to a kinsmen, a son and heir of Lachlan Mackintosh of Daviot, the 3rd son of Sir Lachlan Mackintosh, 17th of the line.

William Mackintosh, 21st of Mackintosh, 22nd of Chattan, and Steward of Lochaber married Christian, daughter of Sir Alexander Menzies, 2nd Baronet. He died without issue in 1740 and was survived by his brother Angus, 2nd son of Angus of Daviot.

Angus or Aeneas Mackintosh, 22nd of Mackintosh and 23rd of Chattan, and the last Mackintosh Steward of Lochaber married Anne Farquaharson, also know as Col. Anne, the daughter of John Farquharson 9th of Invercauld. He was survived by his nephew AEneas, a son of Alexander Mackintosh the 3rd son of Lachlan of Daviot and Anne MacKenzie.

Sir AEneas Mackintosh , the 1st and last Baronet, 23rd chief of Mackintosh and 24th of Chattan raised a company of the 2nd Batallion of Fraser's Highlanders during the American War fo Independance and fought in the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776. After being captured and released by the Americans he returned to Moy in Scotland in 1783. He built the present Moy Hall in 1800. He married Margaret, daughter of Sir Ludovick Grant of Dalvey, 6th Baronet and died without issue in 1820 when the titles and estates were passed to his cousin Alexander, son of Duncan of Castle Leathers  who was the son of Angus of Daviot, and Anne Fraser of Culduthel.

Alexander Mackintosh, 24th of Mackintosh , 25th of Chattan, son of Duncan of Castle Leathers and grandson of Alexander, brother to Lachlan of Daviot was a merchant in Jamaica. He built Daviot House on the left bank of the river Nairn and died unmarried in 1827 when he was survived by his brother, the 2nd son of Duncan, Angus.

The Honorable Angus Mackintosh, 25th of Mackintosh , 26th of Chattan, was a ship owner on the Great Lakes in Uppper Canada. He married Aechange St Martin, a daughter of a French Army. He passed on January 25, 1833 having issue:
1.Duncan, who died unmarried
2. Alexander , who suceeded his father as 26th of  Mackintosh
3. AEneas of Daviot, Inverness, who married 1stly Mary, daughter of Alexander MacLeod and 2ndly Louisa
Fanny Sybella, daughter of Major Alexander MacLeod and had issue 4 sons and 1 daughter.
4. James St Martin who died in 1898 leaving issue 2 sons
and nine daughters

Alexander 26th Mackintosh of Mackintosh, 2nd son of Angus 25th of Mackintosh, and 27th of Chattan, married 1stly Mary, daughter of John Glas, and 2ndly, Charlotte, 5th daughter of Alexander MacLeod of Dalvey and by her had issue:
Aleaxander AEneas who survived his father
Alfred Donald , who survied his brother
Aerneas Norman Captain in the Cameron Highlanders
Marion Charlotte
Mary Archange
Isabella Ann

Aleander Aeneas 27th Mackintosh of Mackintosh, 28th of Chattan married Margaret Frances daughter of Sir Fredrick Ulric Graham 3rd of Netherby and had issue 1 daughter, Eva Hermoine. He was survived by his brother Alfred Donald.

Alfred Donald 28th Mackintosh of Mackintosh, 29th of Clan Chattan married Harriet Diana Arabella Mary , only child and heir of Edward Priest Richards and had issue:

Angus Alexander, Govenor General of Canada,  who married Lady Maud Louisa Emma Cavendish leaving issue a daughter:
Anne Pearce Arabella Mackintosh who was the heretrix to Clan Chattan and became  its 30th chief until her marriage to Major John Anthony Warre, when the chiefship of Clan Chattan passed to Duncan Alexander Mackintosh and the chief ship of Mackintosh of Mackintosh to Vice Admiral Lachlan Donald Mackintosh.

Vice Admiral Lachlan Donald Mackintosh, son of Duncan Houston Mackintosh, grandson of Aeneas of Daviot, and great grandson to the 25th chief of Mackintosh assumed the chiefship, as the 29th Mackintosh of Mackintosh, in 1947. He married Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of  Lt. Col. Duncan Darroch, 5th of Gurock and died in 1957 leaving issue a son.

LT. Commander Lachlan Donald Mackintosh, 30th chief of Mackintosh of Mackintosh, married Mabel Cecilia Helen, youngest daughter of Captain Honorable, John Bernard Bruce and had issue, one son and two daughters.

The current chief of Mackintosh of Mackintosh is John Lachlan Macintosh, 31st chief of the line. The chiefly tiles to Clan Chattan are held by his kinsmen Duncan Aleander Mackintosh of Totcastle

Mackintosh of Clan Chattan

Duncan Alexander Elliot Mackintosh of Mackintosh-Torcastle became the 31st hereditary chief of of Clan Chattan on April 9th, 1942, having been confirmed by Lord Lyon as the right chief of the clan. He was suceeded by his oldest son Kenneth  as the 32nd chief.

The House of Daviot -Kinrara

The Mackintosh's of Daviot-Kinrara are decended from Sir Lachlan Mackintosh, 17th chief of Mackintosh and 18th of Clan Chattan by way of his third son, Angus, designated as being of Daviot, who married firstly Jean Gordon, and 2ndly Marjory Robertson and by her had issue, 2 sons, Lachlan, who survived his father as chief and Alexander designated as of Midleys and Castle Leathers.

Lachlan's son William, suceeded his second cousin as the 21st chief of Mackintosh and 22nd chief of Clan Chattan and 2nd Baron Mackintosh. He died September 24th, 1740 when he was suceeded by his brother Angus, as 22nd chief of Mackintosh. Angus passed without a male heir having only 2 daughters who died during infancy.  His Nephew Sir Angus succeded as chief.

Sir Angus passed in 1820 without an heir, having issued a deed intailing the senority of 30 kinsmen and marking those of Daviot as the senior line and the Mackintosh estates to male heirs only. He was suceeded by his second cousin Alexander Mackintosh of Kirktown who suceeded as the 24th chief of Mackintosh and 26th of Clan Chattan and the 5th titular Baron Mackintosh. He died unmarried and the chiefship passed to his brother Angus.

Angus who assumed the chiefship as 25th of Mackintosh, 26th of Chattan and 6th Baron Mackintosh, had 4 sons and 9 daughters of whom the 2nd son Alexander suceeded his father as the 26th chief of Mackintosh. Angus was further suceeded by his 3rd son, Aeneas Mackintosh of Daviot as the head of the Daviot-Kinrara line.

Aeneas's of Daviot's  son Alexander suceeded his father as the male heir and inturn his 3rd son Duncan Alexander became 31st chief of Clan Chattan , and his youngest son Eric Vincent Mackintosh assumed the head of the Daviot branch. Eric Vincent was suceeded by his 2nd daughter Sylvia Marion Mackintosh of Daviot and Kinrara. She was recognized by Lord Lyon on April 1, 1954 as the neice of the 32nd chief of Clan Chattan and this entaioled her estates to her only son and heir  Aeneas Joseph Lachlan Mead Mackintosh of Kinrara and Daviot

Mackintosh of Borlum
( This information was gathered from the web and has not been fully authenticated )
( If you have more information on this side of the family please conatct me to let me know )

Lachlan Mohr McIntosh, 16th of Mackintosh of Mackintosh, married, 1567, Agnes McKenzie, Their first son succeeded as the 17th chief of Mackintosh and their 2nd son, William, was the first stylied as of Borlum.

Wm. McIntosh, of Essick & Borlum, married Elizabeth Innes, of Invermarkie, gr-gr-dau, of
Edward 3rd of England. William passed in 1630.

Their son, Lachlan McIntosh, married Helen Gordon.

Their son, William Mackintosh, b. 1658 d. 1743, Brig. Gen (1715) Jacobite; m. Mary Reade and had a son,

Wm. McIntosh who married Mary Baillie, of Dunain. Their 2nd son,

Lachlan McIntosh, of Knocknagael and Bolkeskine, married Mary Lockhart,
daughter of John Lockhart of Inverness. Their son,

 John Mohr McIntosh of Badenoch, born Bolkeskine 24 Mar 1700, married Marjory Fraser, March 4th, 1725. and had issue:
The eldest  son of whom I can find no trace ,
a 2nd or 4th son, George Macintosh, who married Ann Houston and had issue: ? John Houston Mackintosh
a daughter Ann (Nancy) McIntosh, who married Robert Baillie, of Coulter Allers, Scotland.

 John Mohr McIntosh, son of Lachlan, imigrated to Georgia leaving further issue. (See "Baillie of Dunain")

John Houston Mackintosh or MacIntosh,, son of George Mclntosh, was born at Rice Hope,Georgia, May 1, 1773. When a young man, he settled in East Florida and became a leader of the U.S. citizens living there. He was appointed "Governor or Director of the Republic of Florida" in 1812. After a stormy career in Florida, he returned to Georgia, and in 1818 served in the Seminole War as General in the Militia. In 1825, he began intensive cultivation of sugar cane on his plantation in Camden County, and there installed the first horizontal sugar mill ever worked by cattle power, married Eliza Bayard April 30, 1791

See also the John Mohr Mackintosh
and Chief Wm. McIntosh pages of this site for more information on this line.

Mackintosh of Holme

 The progenitor of this line was Alan, son of the 10th chief of Mackintosh of Mackintosh and cited as being of the Kyllachy branch and therefore the family of Mackintosh of Holme, Dalmigavie and Farr of whose decendants imigrated to Georgia,

Allan married Janet Fraser and had issue:

William Mor McIntosh, had issue:

Donald McIntosh, who married Katherine Rose and had issue:

William Mcintosh, who had issue:

Alexander McIntosh of Holme , who had issue:

Angus McIntosh of Holme 1671, married Elizabeth Baillie and had issue:

John McIntosh of Holme, 1724, married Janet Baillie and had issue:

In Georgia we find John McIntosh of Holme in 1735 as one of signers of a Creek Treaty as a witness.