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History Cont.    

The 14th,and 15th chiefs did not fair so well as they were also
murdered between the years of 1497 and 1544 thus causing the lands to be forfeited to the
crown.However in 1555 , the 16th chief had this forfeiture reversed and fought against the
Gordon's with his clan at Corrichie.The clan also came out in support of William of Orange
against Bonnie Dundee.

William was subsequently succeeded by his younger brother Lachlan, as fourteenth of Mackintosh
 and fifteenth of Chattan. It was this Lachlan who in a state of vengeance , had his brothers thirteen
assassins hunted down, beheaded and impaled their skulls on spikes for all to see, many of these victims
 being of Mackintosh blood themselves. John Roy Mackintosh was found and slain near Inverness. Lachlan
was described by Bishop Leslie as "a verrie honest and wyse gentleman, an barroun of gude rent, quha
keipit hes hole ken, friendes and tennentis in honest and guid rewll". He married Jean the daughter of
Sir Alexander Gordon of Kenmure in 1520 and from her had one son, William, and two daughters Margaret
 who married Walter Innes of Calrossie and Muriel who married Alexander Fraser grandson of Lord Fraser.
 In addition he had two natural sons John who was to become the ancestor of the Dunachton line and William
 ancestor of the family of Kinarra and Pittourie. Lachlan too added to the Mackintosh estates after receiving
a charter from James V for Dunachton in 1523. The strictness with which he ruled his clan raised him up
many enemies among them, and, like his brother, he too was murdered while hunting.

William fifteenth of Mackintosh and sixteenth of Chattan was tutored by Hector the natural son of the
twelfth chief. Hector having acted as Captain of the Mackintosh and Chattan Clan until such time as he too
 was murdered by a priest on January 25,1532. William having reached his majority took over control of the
 clan at the age of nineteen, in 1540. William was married in 1544 to Margaret Olgilie of Findlater and bore two
 sons and a daughter. The first son William died young so the chief ship passed to the second son Lachlan
 Mor or more commonly Lachlan the great. The only daughter, Margaret, was married four time with her heir
 becoming John, the sixth Laird of Duncan.

It is from Lachlan Mor that the story continues as he, being the sixteenth of Clan Mackintosh and
seventeenth of Clan Chattan, petitioned to have the forfeiture of his fathers lands overturned by an act of
 Parliament. In 1557, as part of his petition, he surrendered , to Queen Mary I, all remaining lands in his
possessions and for this received a re-grant of the estates in Lochaber including the stewartry and bailiary
of the whole Lordship of Lochaber. Huntly himself paying a fee to the Mackintosh heir for his atonement.
But this act of atonement on Huntly's part was not sufficient to efface the deep grudge owed him by the clan
Chattan on account of the execution of their chief, and he was accordingly thwarted by them in many of his
designs. Peace was made at last with the Earl of Huntly’s son on June 7, 1568 who had been defeated at the
Battle of Corrichie when Clan Chattan fought for the crown against the Gordons. He married Agnes ,
daughter of Kennethna cuire Mackenzie, fifth of Kintail on May 11 , 1567. From this marriage came seven
sons and four daughters. Lachlan Mor then resigned in favor of his oldest son Angus
sometime around 1574 or 1575.

The first son, Angus, who styled himself of Torcastle, received from James VI title to Glenroy, Glenlui,
Moy Arracht and other lands. He married in 1585, Lady Jean Campbell, daughter of Donald Campbell ,
Dean of Lismore and afterwards Ardnamurchan. From this union came two children, a son Sir Lachlan
and a daughter Isabel who married George Ross of Balnagowan. Angus passed in 1593, while his father
remained chief, and was succeeded by his only son, Sir Lachlan, who upon his grandfathers
death became chief.

The second son, William of Benchar in Badenoch and the first of Borlum was tutor to Sir Lachlan,
who twice raided the Campbell of Cawdors lands with whom his father had been reconciled. William
was thus imprisoned and the Mackintoshes were required to pay a fine to the crown. He was released and
 married Bessie, the daughter of Robert Innes of Invermarkle from his descendants sprang the Borlum
branch of the family. In 1609 he summoned the whole clan to meet him at Termit, in Petty, to obtain a Bond
of Union in recognition of his role as Captain of the Clan and status as guardian of the young chief
Sir Lachlan, son of Angus his brother.

The third son, Malcolm married Janet, the youngest daughter of Donald MacDonald the eighth of
Glengarry. From his line came another branch of the family living near the MacDonald homeland.

The forth son John, stylized of Dalzeil, in Petty, married Christian MacKay and had descendants.

Duncan the fifth son was progenitor of the Aberader by way his marriage to Beatrice, daughter of Angus
Mackintosh of Termett and secondly by his marriage to a daughter of Dunbar of Grangehill, they
two having issue.

Alan, the sixth male child married married a daughter of Hugh Rose of Holm and had issue, he married
secondly Lilias Falconer of the Halkerton family and by her too had issue. Of the seventh son Lachlan
sprang the Corribrough branch, by way of his marriage to Jean , daughter of Angus Macpherson of Orange.

Sir Lachlan Mackintosh of Mackintosh , the Grandson of William, the fifteenth chief, and son of Lachlan Mor,
 the sixteenth Chief, thus became the seventeenth Chief of Mackintosh and eighteenth of Chattan in 1606
at the age of thirteen. He was tutored by his Uncle William of Benchar who was acting Captain for the
 clan during this period. It was this time that the “Clan Chattan Bond of Union”, was signed in 1609
 by, among others, Andrew Macpherson of Cluny along with other representatives of the various members
 of the Chattan Clan including the Mackintoshes, Macphersons, Davidsons, Macgilivrays, Shaws and
Farquharsons acknowledging Mackintosh’s right to hold the chief ship of the confederation of the Cat.
It was from Sir Lachlan that the line of the Mackintosh’s of Daviot arose .

William , son of Sir Lachlan and the eighteenth Chief of Mackintosh , and thus nineteenth Chief of Chattan,
assumed the leadership of the clan at the age of nine. He was tutored by Sir John Grant, his maternal Uncle,
of whom the Mackintosh would later seek legal action against in the Scottish courts, in 1634, for his
mishandling of the Clan affairs while acting as Captain and advisor. William was a staunch supporter of
Charles I and with his aid courted Margaret , the daughter of David Graham, seventh of Fintry, convincing
 her to marry him in the mid 1640’s. From this marriage came four children, two sons, Lachlan the eldest,
William second in line, and a two daughters, Elizabeth , who married Alexander Farquharson, the seventh
Chief of the Invercauld branch of Farquharson and Jean who married Andrew Spalding of Ashintillie.

Lachlan Mackintosh of Torcastle, nineteenth of Mackintosh and twentieth of Chattan, who secured the
chief ship in 1660 upon his fathers death, and having received confirmation from Lyon court, matriculated
his arms as quarterly, first ,OR, a Lion rampant Gules, armed and langued azure, for Macduff, 2nd Argent a
dexter hand couped fessways, grasping a mans heart Gules, for Mackintosh and the death of MacBeth,
3rd ,Azure, a boar’s head couped close Or ,armed proper and langued gules, 4th, Or, a lymphad,
sails furled , Azure, flagged and surmounted of her oars in saltire, Gules, for Clan Chattan.

Lachlan married Magdalene, the only daughter of John Lindsay , sixth of Edzell and from this had a
son Lachlan who succeeded as chief. His second wife Anne, widow of Donald, Master of Reay and daughter
 of Sir George Monro of Culrain bore him a second son Christian. The funerals of the chiefs of Mackintosh
were always conducted with great ceremony and solemnity. When Lachlan Mackintosh, the 19th chief, died,
 in the end of 1703, his body lay in state from 9th December that year till 18th January 1704, in Dalcross Castle ,
which was built in 1620, and 2000 of the clan Chattan attended his remains to the family vault at Petty.
Kepoch was present with 220 of the Macdonalds. Across the coffin of the deceased chief laid the sword of
 William, eighteenth of Mackintosh, and a highly finished claymore, presented by Charles I before he came
to the throne, to Sir Lachlan Mackintosh, gentleman of the bedchamber.

Lachlan, the son of Lachlan, thus succeeded as the twentieth of Mackintosh and twenty first of Chattan.
 Lachlan, rallied his clan in favor of the revolution in 1715, and for this act was imprisoned in London.
He was released in 1716 where upon he was created a peer of the realm by the exiled James VIII, although
 he did not pursue the title. Claims to the chief ship of Chattan were once again confirmed in 1724, upon his
handing over the lands of Gallovy with Kinloch, Muckoull, Invervidden, and Ardverkie to Cluny Macpherson,
son of Isabel, the daughter of Lachlan of Kinrard and sister to William twentieth chief of Mackintosh, and
 his heirs. He married Anne, the daughter of Alexander Duff, third of Drummuir however he died before an
 heir of his own could be born, where upon the chief ship devolved to his Kinsmen , William son of Lachlan
 of Daviot and grandson of Angus of Daviot the brother of the seventeenth chief of Mackintosh of Mackintosh.
The line of the eighteenth chief coming to an end.

Lachlan's successor, William Mackintosh twenty first of Mackintosh and twenty second of Chattan,
died in 1741 however before his death he managed to clear of more the two thousand Pounds of debt
 incurred by the estate by way of forgoing the usual pomp and ceremony usually enjoyed by
Highland Chiefs of his status.

Angus, the brother of William, the twenty second chief, married Anne, daughter of Farquharson
 of Invercauld, a lady who distinguished herself greatly in the rebellion of 1745. Her husband having
been appointed to one of the three new companies of Black Watch, in Lord Loudon's Highlanders,
raised in the beginning of that year, Though he being in the service of the King, Lady Mackintosh,
a strong Jacobite sympathizer traversed the country, upon hearing rumors of the return of the young
“Bonnie Prince Charlie” Stewart and, in a very short time, enlisted 97 of the 100 men required for a
Anne Farguharson ,also known as Colonel Anne, raised four hundred of the Clan Mackintosh and
placed them under the leadership of the MacGillivray Chief to fight for Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Legend has it that Anne, along with a handful of kinsmen, also successfully routed the British
arrmy nearing her home at Moy to arrest her, by banging pots and pans together and shooting off
their muskets  while racing through the woods and convincing the advancing British that they were out
numbered. T his encounter became know as the "Rout of Moy" .

The 23rd Chief again fought for the Hanovarian Government
but this time across the Atlantic at the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776.This chief also died without
an heir. The Chiefship thus passed to a Jamaican Merchant who died without heir and thus
the title and lands passed again onto a kinsman .

During the period between 1704 and 1833 no Mackintosh Chief left a son to follow him .
This became know as the "Curse of Moy". Chiefship thus passed on to a kinsman ,
Angus Mackintosh in Canada who owned a shipping company on the Great Lakes. It is
from this Angus that the present Chiefs of the Clan Mackintosh of Mackintosh are descended.
The 28th chief died in 1938 leaving the title Mackintosh of Mackintosh and the estate at Moy
Hall to his cousin Lachlan Donald Mackintosh while the title 32nd Chief of the Clan Chattan
having been granted to another kinsman passed onto Kenneth Mackintosh who resides in
Gwelo, Zimbabwe. Lachlan Donald has now passed and the chief ship of
Mackintosh of Mackintosh now resides with his son John MacIntosh, who resides in Moray
and who was recognized by Lord Lyon as the rightful 30th chief of Mackintosh of Mackintosh.

Pictures of the Old May Hall, the Mackintosh of Mackintosh seat, before being destroyed by fire.
( these pictures were gathered from the web and no claim to copyright is made)

There are many septs of the Clan Mackintosh including Adamsom.Cash,Clark,Crerar,Dallas,Easson,Eggo,Elder,Hardy,MacTavish,
MacThomas,Tawse and Tosh. For this reason there is not a continent today that a decendent
of the name MackIntosh does not reside. Including many who made there way to the shores
of America.Thogh not all Mackintoshes or McIntoshes are directly related the name is one
of a proud heritage and has contributed greatly to the development of many countries.

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