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Ballachraggan Cont.
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Ballachraggan Cont.

The next step in the genealogy of the family is not very distinct, but there seems little room for doubt that Richard's son and heir was John Mackintosh who is found in Whitehouse of Blacklunans (only two or three miles from Ballachraggan) in 1664 when on 30 May he gives a bond for $13 to Paul Farquharson (younger of Rochalzie) and in 1665 (19 June) is described as "sometime in Whytehouse now in Ballechroan" [qy. Ballachcraggan] in a bond for 822 merks given to him by John Rattray fiar of Borland. Reg. Deeds, vols. 11 and 17. This John wits "deceased" in 1692, when his son, also John, described as "lawful son of the deceased John M. sometime in Whythous of Bauchlonnance," resumed the rights of his family in Ballachraggan on the transfer to him by John Farquharson of the wadset which had been granted by Richard Mackintosh in 1657. The list of witnesses to the disposition and assignation, dated at Kirktou of Rattray 14 Dec. 1692, strengthens the assumption that John was representative of the Ballachraggan line, in it being the names of Andrew Spalding of Ashintully, Robert Mackintosh of Dalmunzie and his uncle Lachlan. Perth Sas. xi. 336. On the 15th of Dec. 1692, the day after the date of the disposition to him of the wadset, John, now styled "of Ballachraggan," with consent of Andrew Spalding of Ashintully, entered into a contract of marriage with Margaret Mackintosh alias McMarkes, daughter of John M. alias McMarkes in Inveredrie, in which he obliged himself to infeft his promised spouse in a liferent of Ballachraggan; and sasine was taken by both him and her on 20 Dec. Do. 337.

The lady probably belonged to the " Marcaich " Mackintoshes in Braemar, said by tradition to have been so styled on account of their ancestor's having settled in that district from Glenmarkie in Badenoch; they are also said to have been, like the Farquharsons, cadets of the Mackintoshes (alias Shaws) of Rothimurcus, and to have been followers of the Farquharsons of Inverey. See Grant's Legends of the Braes of Mar, p. 30. The name " Marcus alias Mackintosh " is occasionally found among, the witnesses to Braemar sasines and other deeds in the 17th century.

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 In May 1719 John Mackintosh of Ballachraggan takes sasine in an annual rent out of Dalmunzie on a bond which had been granted by Robert of Dalmunzie to John Mackintosh in Castleton of Braemar and Isobel Tod his spouse (perhaps the parents of Margaret McMarkes) and transferred by them to John of Ballachraggan. In the following year he takes sasine in an annual rent on a bond to him by David Spalding of Ashintully. Perth Sas. xvii 391, 418; xviii. 45. He seems to have been alive in 1731, and to have had at least two sons, Lachlan and William the latter afterwards found as tutor to his nephew. Lachlan, son of John, as younger of Ballachraggan, and Marjory Robertson his spouse (daughter of David Robertson of Stronamuick) were infeft in Ballachraggan in December 1727, and in the following October Lachlan acquired land at the Pullachside from John Murray of Soilzarie, and in April 1729, as fiar of Ballachraggan, in the lands of Stronamuick. Perth Sas. xx. 26, 121, 171-4.

The children of Lachlan and Marjory Robertson were Duncan (bapt. 30 July 1725), Janet (b. 20 March, 1727), John (b. 25 Sept. 1729), and Robert (1). 20 Feb. 1731). Kirkmichael Par. Reg. The last was born after his father's death, the entry in the Register being Lachlan Mackintosh of Ballachraggan now deceased and Marjory Robertson his relict had a child baptised Robert.

" Duncan, the eldest son, during his minority was under the guardianship of his uncle William, described as in Muirton of Alyth, * who as " uncle and tutor of law served to Duncan Mackintosh of Ballochraggan grandson and nearest lawful heir to Janet Aison, widow of David Robertson of Stronamuick," in 1739 gives up a wadset of Cragganacalk to Alex Murray of Soilzarie. Perth Sas. xxii 147.

On 2 Jan. 1739 is also recorded the acquisition by Duncan of a rent out of the Mains of Morcloich (Whitefield) on bond by Charles Spalding of Morcloich. Do. 135. In May 1743 sasine is given to John Spalding in Westerton of Ashintully and Duncan Mackintosh jointly in the lands of Stronamuick on disposition by David Robertson of Easter Bleaton. Do. xxiii. Duncan died before 30 August 1749, on which date Robert, his brother, was served heir to him, John, the second brother, presumably being dead.

With Robert my information concerning this family comes to an end, but various circumstances suggest the strong probability that a near relative was Robert Mackintosh, sometime merchant in Kirkmichael, who acquired the lands of Kirkmichael and in 1797 (cont. 10 June) married Marjory Robertson of the adjoining parish of Moulin. The Kirkmichael Register affords no definite information as to his parentage, but it records the baptisms of three Robert Mackintoshes in 1768-70-sons respectively of a George and two. Lachlans, all in Glenshee; while the Alyth Register has another Robert, son of William in Muirton in 1746.

The Robert who purchased the lands of Kirkmichael appears to have held a good position, and the lands remained in his family until 1881. By his wife, Marjory Robertson, he had a son Alexander (bapt. 2 Ap. 1801) and two daughters Grisal (b. 23 Feb. 1799) and Jean (b. 9 March 1805). Alexander succeeded his father in Kirkmichael, and after a course of three years (1818-21) at St Andrews University was licensed to the ministry by the Presbytery of Dunkeld and in 1844 was presented to the parish of Craignish in Argyll-Shire, where he died 4 Nov. 1857.

He married Mary, dau. of Donald Stewart, Luskintyre, Harris (descended from the Garth family), with issue Archibald Robert, b. 6 Nov. 1849, and Donald Stewart, b. 6 Sept. 1852, d. unm. Dec. 1914. The elder son married Jessie, dau. of James Mackenzie, Singapore, with issue Robert, b. 1891 ; Alexander Donald, b. 1901 Janet (deceased); and Isabel.

(I) ROBERT. The head of the family at this period was presumably the " Robert McColme of the Tom in Glensche " who in 1595 concurred with Duncan McRyche of Dalmunzie and some of the Farquharsons in the band of manrent to the Mackintosh chief which has already been noticed. Robert is three times mentioned in the Privy Council Register; on 8 Aug. 1594 Robert McComie in Glenshee is denounced rebel for non appearance on a charge of having with his neighbour of Dalmunzie seized the lands of Spital situated between the Tom and Dalmunzie; on 10 June 1597 Robert McComeis of Thome in Glenshee is one of several who obtain law burrows against Duncan Robertson in Duncavane; and on 11 Oct. following, as Robert McComie in Thome, he is sentenced to committal to the castle of Blackness, with several of his neighbours including Dalmunzie, Ashintully, Brouchdearg, Straloch, and a certain Donald McEan Molick vcComie in Wery (perhaps a relative) for contumacy in an action relative to the teind sheaves of Strathardle and Glenshee. P.C. Beg. v. 162, 416, 683). According to Records of Invercauld (p. 218) he and his wife obtained a wadset for $300 of the lands of Tliom from David Wemyss of Wemyss on 31 Jan. 1550 [? 1590], and by charter of 27 Nov. 1599 (sas. 25 Dec.) his holding was converted into feu by John Wemyss.

In the wadset he is Robert " Malcolm " the descendants of a Thomas Mackenzie, illegitimate son of Kenneth Og Mackenzie (son of Kenneth of Kintail by, Margaret, sister of Donald of the Isles), who in 1502 was killed after making his escape from Edinburgh Castle with his cousin Ferquhard Mackintosh, chief of his clan. Macfarlane's Geneal. Collect. i. 61, 203 ; Gregory's Highlands and Islands, 91-3 ; Mackintoshes and C. Chattan, 93.

The Mackenzie Genealogy of 1669 by " A Person of Quality " (Macfarlane's Collections) states simply that " of a natural son of this Kenneth Oig are descended the Mackenzies in the Brae of Mar," but an " Ancient MS. " quoted in a note on p. 81 of Alex. Maekenzie's History of the Mackenzies [Inverness 1875] is more precise, and speaks of Kenneth's son as "Thomas . . . of whom descended the Mackenzies in Brae Mar called Slighk Homash vic Choinnich " ; while in the text on the same page the author says that Kenneth's son was " by the daughter of a gentleman in Cromar," and that from him "are descended the Sliochd Thomais in Crornar and Genshiel, Braemar (sic) the principal families of which are those of Dalmore and Renoway." Unfortunately Mr. Mackenzie does not give his authority for these particulars, and no doubt his want of local knowledge led to his topographlical blunders in the last quotation. Representatives of Mackenzie families with the alias McComas belonging to Glenshee, Dalmore, and Glengairn appear together in a sasine entry of 15 July 1637 relating to Thome (Tom) in Glenshee. (i.e. McColm), and in the feu charter Robert "McIntosh."' He died soon afterwards, * as in October 1603 his widow is described as wife of Alexander Farquharson in some proceedings before the Privy Council connected with a controversy between the Mackintoshes of Cams and Thom on the one side and the Spaldings of Ashintillie on the other, each party finding caution to keep the peace to the other.

Caution in 500 merks each for " Barbara Rattray, relict of Robert McComie of Thome, and Alexander Farquharson now her spouse " is found by Alexander Rattray fiar of Dalrulzion presumably .Barbara's brother, Alexander Farquharson, who as cautioner for the Mackintoshes of Cams is styled of Thome," was a grandson of Finla Mor Farquharson and first of the Allanaquoich family; his marriage to Barbara Rattray is recorded in the Brouchdearg MS. " Alexander of Allanquoich, Donald MacFheanly's third son, married for his first wife Barbara Rattray daughter to Dalrilzian, widow of Tom." The only issue of the marriage of Robert Mackintosh seems to have been a daughter, Elspet, who became the first wife of John Farquharson 1st of Tullycairn, ! a younger brother of her stepfather. She was infeft in Thome as heir to her father on 8 Aug. 1616, and on the same date, with her husband's consent, she transferred the feu to her stepfather. Rec. Inverc. p. 218.

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