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McIntosh of Braemar
About Braemar

Braemar is a village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, around 58 miles (93 km) west of Aberdeen in the Highlands. It is the closest significantly-sized settlement to the upper course of the River Dee sitting at an altitude of 339 metres (1,110 ft).
The Gaelic Bràigh Mhàrr properly refers to the area of upper Marr (as it literally means), i.e. the area of Marr to the
west of Aboyne, the village itself being Castleton of Braemar (Baile a' Chaisteal Bhràigh Mhàrr).

The History of Braemar

Traditionally, Malcolm III , eldest son of King Duncan 1st of Scotland and ancestor of the Mackintosh's of Inverness, with his first Queen, Gruoch, wife of MacBeth, came to the area in around 1059, and according to legend held a great gathering at the original settlement of Doldencha, situated under the present-day graveyard. He is also credited with having built a timber bridge across the Clunie and the original Kindrochit Castle, the siting of which was derived from a strategic relation to the crossings of the Grampian Mounth.The ruins of Kindrochit Castle on the east bank of the Clunie Water, slightly upriver from the bridge in Braemar, are considered to be largely of 14th century origin replacing the presumed timber-construction of the original castle. The name Kindrochit (bridge end) is the source of the name Castleton being Bail Chasteil.

On 6 September 1715 the 22nd Earl of Mar, John Erskine ( He was nicknamed "Bobbing John" for his tendency to shift back and forth from faction to faction, whether from Tory to Whig or Hanoverian to Jacobite ) , raised the Jacobite standard at Braemar, instigating the 1715 rising against the Hanoverian Succession.

In 1795 a Roman Catholic chapel was built on the high-ground to the west of Auchendryne giving the name to Chapel Brae which, according to Wyness, was being used as a school.<

Into the 20th century the village was almost completely owned and divided by the adjoining estates of Mar: Auchendryne and Invercauld on one side; and Castleton on the other. To some extent the inter-estate rivalry led to the building of the Fife Arms Hotel in Auchendryne, and the Invercauld Arms Hotel in Castleton. Interestingly, the Invercauld Arms was built over the mound where John "Bobin' Jock" Erskine, 6th Earl of Mar raised the Jacobite standard in 1715.

Auchindryne ( to use the spelling by Wyness ) from ach' an droighinn ( field of the thorn ) belonged to a branch of the Farquharsons until it was forfeited in the aftermath of the Jacobite rising of 1745. Later that century it was acquired by William Duff, 1st modern Earl Fife.

Catholicism has traditionally been strong in the Braemar area, and the bones of Saint Andrew rested in Braemar before being taken to the place now known as St. Andrews. The Catholic church in Braemar that is dedicated to Saint Andrew was built in 1839.

Braemar Castle former seat of the Farquharson's of Invercauld
The castle was built in 1628 by the Earl of Mar and was assumed by the Farquharson family  in 1632 by way of a Feu charter granting a Col. Farquharson the lands of Monaltrie, Strathdee, Achindryne and Braemar.
The castle is now run by the Braemar community on a 50 year lease from the Farquharson family and is open to the public.Braemar Castle has been a centre of Jacobite resistance, used as a seat of Hanoverian authority after the Jacobite Rising of 1745 and later transformed by the Farquharsons of Invercauld into a residence of unusual charm.
The Farquharsons of Invercauld are decendants of John " Bucktooh" Shaw of Rothiemurcus and therefore also decendants of the Mackintosh's of Inverness dating back to about 1411.
History indicates that the Mackintosh or McIntosh families of Braemar, in Scotland, are
of two distinct linages. The first being a family of Mackintosh's who held the thanage of or
lairdship of Tireny ( Tiriny ) near Blair Atholl, who were quite probably originally of MacDonald stock,
( see the Mackintosh Cairn page of this site ) and the second being decended from the Shaws of
 Badenoch. Badenoch is in the area of Strathspey  northeast of  Braemar.  These Shaws were the ancestors of the Farquharsons also of Mackintosh blood.

As we have shown the Mackintosh's of Clan Chattan, in particular the Shaws and Farquharsons,  did have a historical connection to Strathspey so it is probable that the Mackintosh's of Braemar do have some blood connection to the family of Inverness, especially those  of the 2nd family who tradition states carried the Shaw surname. The name Shaw being adopted in latter centuries by decendants of a Mackintosh chief.

On the first line of Mackintosh we find evidence that these family members had fled to the area of Braemar
after a quarrel with the Comyns ( Cummings ). This may be in fact related to the tales as told about Mackintoshs' Cairn mentioned above. In "Legends of the Braes of Mar", by John Grant ( Aberdeen, 1876 ), the story is given in more detail.

Of the second family indicated, history tells us that a Shaw  was fleeing from a dispute with a MacPherson, being
an out cast for some untold deed , and he came to the region alone and assumed the name MacIntosh to avoid detection. Again going back to the legand of Mackintosh's Cairn we do find Shaw's , coming from Rothimurcus, fueding with the Comyns and fleeing the area. Is it possible that these same Shaws were the Farquharson ancestors ? It appears so!

In the Farquharson genealogy there appears an Alexander, 3rd son of Donald Farquharson of Castleton Braemar, who married Janet , a daughter of Sir John Olgilvy of Inverquharity, and who is the ancestors of the Farquharsons of Allanquoich of which we will explore in more detail relating to the McIntosh's of Braemar.

Of these two family lines most that carried the name Mackintosh, McIntosh or MacIntosh in Braemar appear to have been
followers of the Catholic faith. It is here that our genealogical evidence begins to take shape in the person of one
John Mackintosh alias Downn of Mikkel Allenaquouich ( born about 1690 ), son of John Mackintosh Down ( born about 1670 ) , son of a McIntosh ( given name unknown, born about 1645 ).   John the son was a protestant who had a wife who was Catholic. The wife ( name unknown ) would not allow her children to be raised outside her faith and secured a promise from her husband that if their child survived that  the oath would be upheld to raise their offspring as Roman Catholics. Though the original tale spoke of a daughter, Jean or Janet,  as being the first born records continue with Robert, the son of John MacKintosh alias of Doune, who was baptised at Glenluy. The Godfather for Robert was John MacKenzie called Ian ichk Alastar mac Glennay and the Godmother was Isabell Cutts of Glenluy. The father John lived on a farm near Gleny, in the Glen of Ey south of Inverey.

As the records continue we find the marriage of Robert McIntosh alias Doun ( Down or Dow ) of Allenaquouich, son of John, ( perhaps a John Shaw ) who married Elspit Lamond ( Lamont ) , a daughter of Calom Lamond Boatman ( Calum of Malcolm Lamont, Boatman may have been his trade designation or a surname ) at Invercharlig on May 3, 1749. Robert appears to have moved his family  from Glen Ey to Allanaquouich which sits near the joining of the Quoich and Dee Rivers west of Braemar. This Robert is again mentioned in the Legands of the Braes O' Mars by John Grant.

Continuing on with the research of this family line we find the following information.

1. McIntosh of Downn born about 1645 in Scotland, spouse unknown, having issue:

2. John McIntosh b. 1670, married spouse unknown and we find they had 3 children ( see below )

A. 3. William McIntosh b. 1680, spouse unknown with one son and one daughter ( see below )

B. 4. Donald McIntosh b. 1685, spouse unknown , had issue 2 children ( see below )

C. 5. Duncan McIntosh b. 1687, married a spouse unknown and had issue  ( see below )

2. From John the eldest son, also spouse unknown we find they had 3 children:

A. John ( alias Ian ) McIntosh b. 1690,
B. Jean ( or Janet ) McIntosh b. abt 1708
C. Margaret McIntosh Downn b. about 1709 at Braemar

3. the second son William McIntosh b. 1680, married a spouse unknown and had issue :

A. Catharin McIntosh Down  b February 10 1710 at Braemar
B. William McIntosh of Down b June 20 1712 at Braemar

4. the third son Donald McIntosh of Down, married a spouse unknown and had issue :

A. Patrick McIntosh b abt September 22 1709 at Braemar
B. John McIntosh of Down b abt January 17 1714 at Braemar

5. the forth son Duncan McIntosh b. 1687, married a spouse unknown and had issue:
A. John McIntosh of Down b abt Jun 24 1707 at Braemar, Aberdeen , Scotland

6. John ( alias Iain ) the son, of John,who married Margaret McKenzie had four children:

Jean ( or Janet ) McIntosh b. abt December 17, 1717, who married Robert McHardie, son of John McHardie ,
Feb 14, 1740, and had issue Michael, George and Lachlan McHardie

7. John McIntosh Doun who was born abt 1720 who married Elspit or Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of
John Stewart of Allenach or Drimma Craggan

8. Robert McIntosh ( alias Doun ) b. October 1721, married Elizabeth Lamont, daughter of Calum or Malcolm Lamont and Jean Harrower, Robert died before 1804 at Braemar, having issue 5 children ( see below )

Ann McIntosh Doun b. abt 1723 at Braemar and who married Donald Lamond

7. John McIntosh Doun the first son and his wife, Elspit or Elizabeth Stewart, had issue four children:

A. Margaret McIntosh Down b. abt March 25, 1745 at Braemar
B. 9. John McIntosh Down b. abt. August 23 1747
C. Ann McIntosh Down b. abt Oct 22, 1750 at Braemar, Aberdeen
D. Marjory McIntosh Down b. abt October 21, 1754, at Braemar, Aberdeen

9. His eldest son John McIntosh Down married Mary Farquharson , daughter of Henry
Farquharson and Margaret Millar, and passed on May 27, 1797, leaving issue 3 sons and 1 daughter.

A. 10. Donald McIntosh b. December 25, 1790
B. Laughlin McIntosh b. March 29, 1792
C. William McIntosh b. abt April 11 1794
D. Margaret McIntosh b. on July 11, 1797, Married Wm. Lamont and had 8 children

10. Donald McIntosh, son of John McIntosh and Mary Farquharson, married Isabella
 surmame unknown ) and had issue 2 sons.

A. Duncan McIntosh, b. abt. 1839 at Braemar
B. James McIntosh b. abt 1841 at Braemar

8. Robert McIntosh ( alias Doun ) b. October 1721, who married married Elizabeth Lamont, had issue 5 children:

A.Isabell McIntosh b. abt 1750 at Braemar
B. Lauchlin McIntosh b. abt 1753 at Braemar
C. Janet McIntosh , b. abt. September 23, 1755, John Durwood and had issue 3 children
D. 11. James McIntosh b. abt 1760, married Isabel Mackenzie, daughter of Donald McKenzie and Margaret McHardy, and who had issue 10 children ( see below )
E. Mary McIntosh who died after 1841

11. James McIntosh b. abt 1760, married Isabel Mackenzie, who had issue 10 children:

A. Elizabeth McIntosh b. December 2 1794, married Alexander McGrigor, son of Donald McGrigor and Elspet Donald
B. Isabel McIntosh b. June 13, 1796
C. 12. Lachlin or Laughlin McIntosh b. March 24, 1797
D. Annie McIntosh, b. March 30 1800, married John Morgan and had issue 2 daughters and 1 son
E. Robert McIntosh , b, Braemar abt. 1802 and died in 1822 at Edinburgh
F. Margaret McIntosh, b. April 11, 1804, married William Gruer and by him had 9 children
G. John McIntosh, b. April 6, 1806, died 1830
H. 12b. William McIntosh, b. February 12 1808, married Mary ? and had further issue ( see below )
Mary McIntosh, b. November 28, 1810, married John Gibson, Son of David Gibson & Isabel Nicol, Fofar
Jane-Jean McIntosh b. February 1 , 1815, married Charles Stuart or Stewart son of Gregor Stuart and Jean Davidson born at Kirkmichael Banff Scotland. Charles, the wife father passed  in Alexas IL. From their marriage we find 9 children.

12. Lachlin or Laughlin McIntosh b. March 24, 1797, married Margaret McKenzie. daughter of Donald McKenzie
 and Ann Ogilvie, died June 4, 1876 at Clyde, leaving issue:

13. Donald McIntosh b. abt 1828, married Julia Brophy ( see below )
Anna McIntosh b. April 28 1830, Goderich Ontario Canada, died Indianna, Oct 9, 1872
14. Lachlin L or Locklin McIntosh b. abt 1832, , Married Mary Jane Brophy and  had issue 4 children ( see below )
Mary McIntosh, B. abt 1834, married James Hall of England, died June 16 1882 at
Clyde Cloud Kansas had issue 3 sons, William Hall , Joseph Hall, Alfred Hall
16. Charles Edward McIntosh b. April 13 1886 ( see below )
Isabella McIntosh b. August 11, 1838, married Charles Deline and by him had 6 children
Margaret McIntosh, b. abt 1840, Goderich Ontario Canada
Elizabeth Anne McIntosh, b. June 15, 1842, married Dewitt George Palmer and by him had 3 sons
Ellen Douglas McIntosh, b. abt 1845, Ashippun Dodge Wisconsin, died May 25, 1883 at Notre Dame Ind.
 James McIntosh, b. abt. 1849, married Kate McCrae and by her had issue ( see below )
Louise M. McIntosh, b. April 25 1852

13. Donald McIntosh, son of Lachlan or Lauchlin McIntosh  and Margaret McKenzie married
Julia Brophy, Goderich Ontario Canada, had issue 3 children:

Julia Ann McIntosh b. October 10, 1885, Married Wm. Mangan and had issue 9 children
John McIntosh, b. June 7, 1867 in Kansas, died August 11, 1943, Fresno CA.
Edward McIntosh b. abt. 1870 in Kansas

14. Lachlin L or Locklin McIntosh b. abt 1832, , Married Mary Jane Brophy who was born abt 1835-6 at Rhode Island,
he died Septemeber18 1862 at Antitam Maryland and is buried in Arlington Cemetary. From this marriage
 there were 4 children. His wife, Mary Jane Brophy McIntosh  married 2ndly a Mr Morell.

Mary Jane McIntosh b April 1852 in Wisconsin and married a Mr McKay
15. James William McIntosh , b. January 15 1855 in Wisconsin
Laughlin Andrea McIntosh b. June 1859 at Wisconsin

15. James William McIntosh, son of Lachlan McIntosh and Margaret McKenzie b. abt. 1849, married
Kate McCrae and by her had issue:

16. Charles Edward McIntosh b. April 13 1886
Fannie Francis McIntosh b. May 7 1876, married Samuel LeVan Hershberger and by him had 9 children

16. Charles Edward McIntosh b. April 13 1886, son of Lachlin or Laughlin McIntosh & Margaret McKenzie, married Mary E. Conklin, daughter of Nathan Stiles Conklin and Catherine J Ballard of New York. Mary & Charles later divorsed and he died intestate in Wisconsin on July 26, 1915 leaving  behind 6 children:

Malcolm E. McIntosh b. June 25 1866 in Wisconsin
17. Montgomery E McIntosh , b. April 14 1869, married Evelyn M Rogers daughter of William H Rogers and Belle Richards of Canada and had issue  3 children ( see below )
Kenneth Earle McIntosh b. abt 1872, died August 24 1873 in Wisconsin
Margarette Virginia McIntosh, b. August 15 1875 in Wisconsin, died October 4 1962 in Milwaukee WI.
18. Nathan Stiles McIntosh b. August 13 1877
Charlotte B McIntosh b. May 10 1879, married Charles Newton Kalk and had issue 1 daughter.
Donald McIntosh b. January 9 1882 married Mabel Osborn in WI. and had issue one son Robert

16. Charles Edward McIntosh, married 2ndly Maria Durgan, daughter of Daniel Durgan and Mary Ann Ross of Machiasport Washington County Maine, Maria later married Hiram Capron Sweet

17. Montgomery E McIntosh , son of Charles Edward McIntosh and Mary Conklin , the grandson of  Lachlin
McIntosh ( 1797 ) married Evelyn M Rogers and from this union had  3 children:

Mary I McIntosh b 1902 in Milwaukee WI
Douglas McIntosh b. 1905 in Milwaukee
Janet McIntosh, b 1908 in Miwaukee

18. Nathan Stles McIntosh , brother of Charles Edward McIntosh and grandson of Lachlin McIntosh,
married Mathilda E. Zielke, daughter of Jakob Zielke and Julia Kleber of Port Huron MI. Nathan married 2ndly Grace Monroe Tompkins, daughter of Robert Monroe Tompkins and Mary Elizabeth Stringham from Fond du Lac Wisconsin. Nathan died December 19th 1967 in Oklahoma City OK and buried at Yukon OK., From his 1st marriage came 2 children:

19. Malcolm Charles McIntosh, b. May 12 1901 OK Terr., married Alma Anona Hubbard and by her has
issue 1 daughter who married Thomas Elza Gatewood, they inturn had 3 children. Alma later married
Leland E. Gordon of who she divorced.
Clara Julian McIntosh b. January 18 1904 OK Terr. , married Homer Campbell and by him had 1 daughter.

12b. William McIntosh, b. February 12 1808, married Mary ? who was born in 1830 Scotland. William died
in 1881 Ontario Can.. Through this marriage they had the following children:

William McIntosh, b. abt 1836, married Elizabeth and had 1 daughter Annie
Alexander McIntosh, b. 1842 Scotland
20. Hugh McIntosh, b abt 1844, Scotland, and married 1874 in Ontario Catherine and had issue
Isabella McIntosh, b. about 1853 in Canada

20. Hugh McIntosh, married 1874 in Ontario Catherine anf had the following offspring:

21. William McIntosh  b. 1875 Ontario Can.
22. James McIntosh b 1877 Ontario Can
23. John McIntosh b 1879 Ontarion Can.