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Mackintosh's of KY/TN
On the outbreak of the American Revolution the thirteen colonies numbered among their inhabitants about eight hundred thousand Scots and Scot-Irish, or a little more than one-fourth of the entire population. They were among the first to become actively engaged in that struggle, and so continued until the peace, furnishing fourteen major-generals, and thirty brigadier generals, among whom may be mentioned St. Clair, McDougall, Mercer, McIntosh, Wayne, Knox, Montgomery, Sullivan, Stark, Morgan, Davidson, and others. More than any other one element, unless the New England Puritans be excepted, they formed a sentiment for independence, and recruited the continental army.

So thoroughly was Kentucky settled by the Scot-Irish, from the older colonies, that it might be designated as of that race, the first emigrants being from Virginia and North Carolina. It was first explored by Thomas Walker in 1747; followed by John Finley, of North Carolina, 1767; and in 1769, by Daniel Boone, John Stewart, and three others, who penetrated to the Kentucky river. By the year 1773, lands were taken up and afterwards there was a steady stream, almost entirely from the valley and southwest Virginia. No border annals teem with more thrilling incidents or heroic exploits than those of the Kentucky hunters, whose very name finally struck terror into the heart of the strongest savage. The prediction of the Cherokee chief to Boone at the treaty at Watauga, ceding the territory to Henderson and his associates, was fully verified: "Brother," said he, "we have given you a fine land, but I believe you will have much trouble in settling it."

We are in the process of compiling information on the various McIntosh - Macintosh- Mackintosh families
that settled in Kentucky and Tennesse and will post more information as we sift trough it.

Please check back for more details on these families.

In the mean time you might want to check out the McIntosh families of Braemar who
imigrated to the US and Canada and settled in or around Wisconsin.

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