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McIntosh NC
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Dear researching friends, Do not assume these notes are 100% correct. Most of these notes have been taken from compiled records and compiled records are subject to error and I have found myself making errors as well. Therefore, please use these notes to guide you to original records and verify their correctness.
Oct 1689 (Last of Oct) Berkeley, Thomas Hopper md. Joanah Kinckett by Alex. Lillington. (975.6 D25n NC Hist & Geneal Register Index)

21 Sep 1722 Beaufort, Will: John Prescoate. Sons Aaron, Benjamin, William & Simon. Dau Anne McIntosh, Estelle Williams & Hannah. Test: Moses Poole, John Braffert. (975.6 D25n NC Hist & Geneal Register Index)

1743 Craven NC, Eneas McIntosh taxpayer (975.6 R4rc NC Taxpayers) All males not slaves titheable at age 16. Not all are named on tax lists-the poor, property-less, aged, infirmity, military service, or public activity such as patrolling. (975.6 D27n NC Research-Leary)

THE GRANVILLE DISTRICT OF 1748-1763 v I-Margaret Hoffman.

The Granville District covered the northern half of NC 60 miles deep stretching to the Pacific Ocean. From 5 Sep 1764 to 2 Jan 1763 Lord Granville had 2 agents-one for land and one for quit rents. Headrights had nothing to do with it. One could purchase what one could afford not to exceed 640 or 700 acres, usually maximum of 640 acres--1 sq. mile. Had to make formal written request dated & signed. Then warrant was issued to have land surveyed and also a plat made. Three copies of each were to be returned to the land office within 3 months. When agent received copy he had 6 months to draw up deed. The agent sealed the plat with an official seal and attached 2 plats with sealing wax to the 2 deeds laid atop each other and folded lengthwise twice. The tops were cut off in a wavy line to prevent fraud. (This called indented) The deed was set aside until all signed and witnessed. One copy given to Lord Granville, 1 to grantee and 1 to office. The transaction may have failed for nonpayment. The land was conveyed in fee simple-the quit rent was like a tax. The land office at Edenton opened 1748-1763. The grantee would sign before witnesses. He could sign at home with neighbors or household members as witnesses Thomas Child replaced the dishonest Francis Corben in 1759. Granville died 11 Apr 1763 and land office closed and never reopened. In 1774 Governor Joseph Martin & Hugh Finlay were agents. The revolution broke out. Martin and Burnside fled and made vain attempt to smuggle records to Scotch Highlanders. Records were seized by Halifax Committee of Safety. Martin traveled to Cornwallis and advised the heirs that nothing could be done until the end of the war. The agents hadn't registered the counterparts as they should have done so the General Assembly 1787-1815? kept an open period to re register. Researchers who want copies must write to Land Grant Office OR NC State Archives. If the abstract names chainbearers the record is in both offices. If abstract doesn't cite patent bks one must go to the NC State Archives. If the abstract cites the county deed bk one must write to the county. (R2hm Colony of NC 1735-1764 Hoffman )

Deeds: If a person sold land he was 21 or over; if she sold land she 21 & over & normally single or widowed. Witnesses 14 & over, normally 21 and over if they proved the deed at court. One who bought or was granted land seldom too young to set up housekeeping. (975.6 D27n NC Research-Leary)

20 Dec 1748 Tyrell Co. John Hopper witness to land sale (975.6 R28h V1 Granville Dist NC 1748-1763)
20 Jun 1749 Currituck Co. Edmund Bowran 90 A joining Jos Haymans (975.6R28h V1 Granville Dist NC)
#1022 no date Craven Co. Arinias McIntosh enters 200 acres borders Wilkinsons line and runs from Deep Brook to Batchelor Creek. (975.6 R2paL NC Col. Land Entries 1735-1752)

13 Oct 1749 Johnson Co. William Mackintosh 200 A on S side of Neuse on place called Powells run near Sapony Camps (975.6 R 2hm Colony of NC 1735-1764 V 1)

19 Apr 1751 Currituck Co. Edmund Bowring warrant to John Clayton to survey 640 acres fork of Mahock Cr entered 12 Mar 1750. (975.6 R28h V3 Granville Dist. NC 1748-1763)

29 Dec 1751 Currituck Co. Edmund Bowran 640 A on fk of Mayhock Cr joining Haymans corner & Bowrings line (975.6 R28h V1 Granville Dist NC 1748-1763)

1752 Orange NC formed from western part of Johnston, Bladen & Granville Co. It included a major portion of the piedmont and encompassed what became Caswell, Person, Durham, Orange, Almance, Chatham & abt half of Wake, Rochingham, Guilford & Randolph. One did not have to live in Orange to get a deed. Only if the survey states that he was living on the land can you be sure he was there. Anyone listed as chain bearer (CB) SCC (Sworn Chain Bearer) on survey was on the tract at date of survey. (975.6565 R28 b V 1 Orange Co. NC Records) Orange Co was the hub in central NC in mid to late 1700s and early 1800s. Hillsboro/Hillsborough was county seat and one time state capitol. (975.6 R2bp V1 Land Grant Rec of Orange NC 1752-1885)

Jun 1753 Orange NC, Joseph Boring on jury (975.6565 P2h V1 Orange NC Ct Minutes)
4 Jun 1753 Orange NC, William Hopper SCC for Sullivan Owen (Orange Co. Rec V 2)
4 Jun 1753 Orange Co. Owen Sullivant 453 acres both sides Matrimony Cr adjoining Wm Rich & Wm Hopper. (975.6565 R28b Orange NC)

4 Dec 1754 Thomas McIntosh b. Culpepper VA on Rappahannock. (FHL Film # 971687 Rev War Pension Applications)
1755 Beaufort NC, William McIntosh taxpayer (NC Taxpayers)

1755 Orange NC, Charles, William, and Joseph Borin; and James Anglan taxpayers (NC Taxpayers)

1756 Chatham NC, John McIntosh had land grant. (975.6 R26p V2 Land Grants Chatham Co. 1778-1928)

28 Apr 1756 Orange NC, Joseph Boran SCC for Daniel Stillwell land purchase both sides Reedy Cr Br of Hico. (975.6565 R28b Orange CN Vol 4)

16 Jun 1756 Chowan Co., John Hopper md. Lovey Martin. (975.6 D25n V1 NC Hist. & Geneal Register Index)

15 Sep 1756 Orange NC, Daniel Stillwell of Orange sells to Joseph Boreing of Orange 163 A to include the improvements of the said Joseph Boreing. (975.6565 R28b Orange Co Rec Vol 2)

12 May 1757 Edgcomb Co.Thomas Bowrun warrant to Colo. John Haywood to survey 640 A joining Nathaniel Merrit both sides Choccat Cr. (975.6 R28h V3 Granville Dist NC)

Jun 1758 Orange NC, John Fogerson to Joseph Boran for 163 ½ A proved by oath of William Lea (Bk 1 Orange NC Ct Minutes)

11 Aug 1758 Edgcomb Co. Thomas Boren 286 A both sides Chockit Cr joining Nathl Merritt (Granville Dist NC V 3)
1759 or 1760 Charles McIntosh born Culpeper VA (FHL Film # 0971687)

Sep 1759 Orange NC, Deed of sale from James Borin to John Campbell (Orange NC Ct Minutes)

26 Oct 1759 Orange NC, Gabrial Freeman, planter, 10 shillings, both sides Deep River begin at red oak sapling, west across County Line Creek and Deep River, 50 chains to red oak, south 100 chains to red oak, east across Deep River and the County Line Creek 50 chains to white oak, north 100 chains to first station. 500 acres, 20 shillings rent per year, surveyed 30 Jan 1758 . Geo. Wilson and Thomas Hopper SCC (SSLG 90-H) (975.6565 R28 b Granville Grants?) (The source says to see also North Carolina Patent Book 14:400) (I tried to locate this grant on film 19494 Orange NC Deeds 1752-1868. I could find no records for 1759 or 1762. I wanted to to discover Thomas Hopper's mark but unable to locate the record on the film.)

1760 Thos. Boren 286 acres Halifax Co. (Granville Dist. Vol 3)

2 Jul 1760 Abraham Johnson 120 A Halifax Co parish Edgcombe SCC Thomas Bourin (Granville Dist NC)

1761 Nimrod McIntosh b. (Cem Rec Robertson TN) (Perhaps born in Culpeper VA?)

8 Jan 1761 Will: John Hopper, Edenton. Mary Tamor, brother Thomas Hopper of New Peter Street, Perkins Bent?, Westminster, London; Thos Skottowe & Wm Jackson Exrs; Test: Charles Bonefield, Solomon Griffes, Thos Palmer. (975.6 D25n NC Hist & Geneal Register Index)

13 Apr 1761 Orange Co., David Moor 700 acres Forrest Cr waters of Little R adjoins James Anglen & Gaddis (975.6565 R28b Orange NC)

8 Dec 1761 Orange NC, John, James & Thomas Anglin are CCC to David Moore who buys land adj Anglins. 975.6565 R28b V 6 Orange NC Records)

14 Aug 1762 Orange NC, Thos. Hopper SCC? for John Julians 200 acres Orange Co. on branch of Bush Creek of Deep River joining Willsons line Wits Jas. Watson, John Morgan, examined by Tho. Blount. Wm. Diffey? also SCC. (The Granville Dist NC 1748-1763)(See also North Carolina Patent Book 14:428)

11 Dec 1762 Orange NC, Thos. Hopper SCC for John Hopkins 206 acres Orange Co. both sides deep river joining Solomon Alred & Harculus Ogle. Dennis Hopkins also SCC. (The Granville Dist NC 1748-1763)

29 Dec 1762 Thomas Hopper SSC for John Julian land on br of Brush Cr of Deep River on Wm Diffens line (975.6565 R28b V6 Caswell NC Deeds)

1764 Beaufort NC, William McIntosh taxpayer (NC Taxpayers)

Feb 1764 Orange NC, Joseph Boaring overseer of road from North Hico to head of Enoe (Orange NC Ct Minutes)

1766 Orange NC, William Boring will, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Nicey, Mary (Abstr NC Wills)

26 Oct 1767 Mecklenburgh Co. John Borein 50 A E side Broad River both sides high school branch of Kings Cr above McKnitt, & Hambrights (975.6 R2hm Col of NC)

1768 Orange NC, William Boring Will, Charles Joseph (975.6 P28o Abstr NC Wills)

3 Jun 1768 Orange NC, Alex McIntosh witnesses land sale of William Barnet of Orange NC to Thos Douglas. His mark is a large M. (On the film it looks like Albt but could just as easily be Alexr and I believe it is especially as the mark is a large M.) (975.6565 R28b Orange NC Rec V2) (FHL Film # 305929 page 509) (See also Granville Deeds & Surveys #220) The land being sold was in Orange NC on Hico Road beginning at pine running N 45 chains to the center between 2 red oak sapling and a white oak. Thence W 55 chains to a black jack shrub thence south 4 chains to a white oak thence E 55 chains to the beginning. 247 acres. If Alexander is indeed the witness to the sale he would have been in this vicinity at this time.
1769 Granville NC James Hopper taxpayer (NC Taxpayers)

14 Jun 1772 Orange NC, James Anglen of Orange sells to Harris (975.6565 R28b Orange NC)
1774 Orange Co. NC divided into 16 separate districts: St Martins, Richmond, St Laurinces, Dunmore, St Davids, Gloucester, St Lukes. St James, Chatham, Orange, Hillsborough, St Mary, St Asaph, Tryon, St Thomas, and St Marks. St Martins, Richmond, St Davids & Gloucester became Caswell for the most part.

1775 North Carolina was the most populated of the states although it had been the least populated in 1729. A sizeable number of Loyalists including Highland Scots were defeated at Moore's Creek Feb 1776. NC had 6000 in the army and 10,000 militia members active at one time or other.

May 1775 John Boren (Boring) will Orange NC wife Elizabeth, daughters Rebecca, Nicy and Mary. Wife Elizabeth & James Boren to be executors. Witt: James Currie. James Boren, Ann Grean. FHL Film # 19484 Orange NC Wills Bk A 1752-1788.
May 1775 Joseph Boren (Borrin) will Orange NC. Susannah, John, James, William, Isaac, Joseph, David, Susan, Becky, Feby, cousin Patty Clark. Witt: James Culberson, James Currie.

1776 Orange Co., Wm Boring will, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Nicey, Mary. (975.6 P28o Abstr NC Wills 1760-1800)
17 Aug 1776 Orange NC, Susanna Boring, admin of estate of Joseph Boring decd of Orange sells to Wm Moore for 100 lbs N side Cobbs creek on waters of Hico. Susanna has unique mark. (FHL Film # 18432 Caswell NC Deeds 1777-1782)
28 Sep 1776 William Hopper Q M Sergt Dixons Co., Sergt 20 Sep 1777 D M Sergt Dec 1777 Disch 14 Jun 1778 (975.6 D25n NC Hist & Geneal Register V 3)

1777 Caswell Co. NC formed from Orange Co. with 8 districts: Caswell, Richmond, Gloucester, St Davids, St James, Nash, St Laurins, St Luke, Earliest grant 1745. Caswell vaguely part of Chowan 1670. 1752 Orange Co. Halifax VA, Caswell northern neighbor, formed 1752 from Lunenburg VA. People who settled Caswell Dutch, English, Scotch, Irish, German & French. In 1773 German was much spoken in the area. Many had been indentured servants and when free sought cheap land. County officers appointed by Royal government and the locals had little say. The locals were treated unfairly by local officials-dishonest sheriffs, excessive taxes, extortionate fees. Orange Co. early center of Reguator activity. Orange Co. became the most populated Co. in NC. During revolution many of the young men were in the militia or Continental Army. Money scarce, goods expensive, threatened with invasion. The army collected supplies of fresh beef & pork, salt, dried beef or fish, flour, water, brandy, whisky, salt, rye, corn, oats, hay. Tobacco was medium of exchange. There were many Tories.

Caswell Co. NC in Piedmont region of NC. Rolling hills, swift shallow streams, rocky red clay soil. Land slopes to N and NE except small portion in SE slopes toward south. Roads follow the high ground, curving. Soil light & free-good for tobacco. County is high upland plateau badly dissected and eroded in many places, undulating, rolling, hilly surface. In most parts of W streams have cut deep narrow valleys. Streams swift and become swollen after rains-good for mills. William Byrd and company surveying the VA state line said land covered with impenetrable thicket of young hickory saplings, growing so near to each other and branches interwoven totally obstructed progress. Surveyors only go 5 miles one day. Oaks, hickory, ash, gum, wolves, panther, deer, bear. Bears fat as fed on acorns, chestnuts, wild honey, wild grapes. Byrd killed buffalo, snakes, crows, squirrels. County later had bounty on wolf scalps, wildcats, crows, and squirrels but not on possums as they disposed of garbage. (975.6575 H2p History of Caswell NC 1777-1977)

1777 Caswell NC Alexander, John, Thomas and William McIntosh; James, John, Thomas Jr., and Thomas Sr. Hopper are taxpayers in Glos. Dist. (NC Tax Lists)

1777 Tax List valuation in pounds, shillings, pence.
Alexander McIntosh Gloucester
John McIntosh Gloucester 124-2-10
Thomas McIntosh Gloucester
William McIntosh Gloucester

1777 Craven NC, Eneas McIntosh taxpayer in Craven Co. NC (975.6 R4rc NC Taxpayers)

1777 Caswell NC, William Boran & James, John, Thomas Jr. Thomas Sr. Hopper (Gloucester Dist. Early AM Series)

1777 Thomas McIntosh drafted in Caswell, NC abt a year before the Dec. of Inde. to go after Cherokee Indians. Abt 2 years after the Dec. of Inde. he volunteered in the Horse & went under the command of Maj. Dickson & Col Moore for 3 months. After this he volunteered with Capt. Dickerson and Genl. Butler. (FHL Film # 0971687)

12 Jun 1777 Caswell NC, Deed from Susannah Boaring to Wm Moore 300 acres-no location mentioned on oath of Wm Campbell (FHL Film # 18414 NC Wills Vol 1) (Also FHL Film # 358279 Caswell NC Minute Books)

Jul 1777 Cornelius Angline, Pvt, Dixons Co. Enlisted 1777 3 years service. Died Jul 1777 1st Rgt Col Thos. Clark pg 51 - NC State Rec, Clark, Vol XVI 1782-1783 (Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution-There are several Cornelius Anglin/Anglens. This is the only one whose date of death is given. A William McIntosh was also in Dixon's Company.)

Nov 1777 Orange NC, Ordered letters of administration be granted to John Browning and Susanne of estate of Joseph Boren, decd. (Orange NC Minutes)

Dec 1777 Caswell NC, Thomas Hopper deceased. Gives Grandson Benjamin McIntosh 1 cow & calf, 1 sow & pigs, 1 half bed & 2 sheets. Thomas' mark is large H. Wife Ann, son William and other sons & daughters. Wit: Robert Middleton, Bendick Middleton, Thos. Hopper, Henry Hopper. (FHL Film # 18418 Caswell NC Wills & Inventories)
1778 Currituck NC, Edmund Bowren Will, Mitchell Joseph Malachi Mann Edward (Abstr NC Wills)
Mar 1778 Ann (Pickims) Hopper Administration bond. Ann Hopper administrator of Thos. Hopper. In one place gives name Ann Pickims as though writtin in-otherwise Ann Hopper (FHL Film # 1727924 NC Settlements)

9 Mar 1778 Jn Browning in behalf of Isaac Browning enters 400 acres on Storm Creek above the fork. Includes an improvement thereon. (975.657 R28p Abstr Land Entries Caswell and Person Co NC)

9 Mar 1778 John Browning enters 500 acres border S & W lines of Joseph Borings deeded land. Includes improvement where I live claimed 10 Mar 1778 by Jno Graves Sr., warrant issued for 200 acres of the entry in James Smiths name at request of David Borin in consequence of power of attorney from Jno Browning to said Boren to convey a lawful title to said land and said power of attorney recorded in the court. (975.657 R28p Abstr Land Entries Caswell & Person Co. NC)
26 Mar 1778-1 Dec 1778 William McIntush pvt Lt. Col. Lytle's Command, Caswell Co. NC, Capt Robert Moore, Rev War, Lt. Col. Archibald Lytle. (National Archives) (FHL Film # 830358)

N. C. Lt. Col. Archibald Lyttle's Regt-Levies 1778
Capt Robt. Moore's Co. - 1 Pay roll - Dec 1778
1 Miscellaneous record
Payroll for
Capt Ro. Moore.
Co. Col A. Lyttle
NC line from
May and June 78
To Aug 10 1779
Min Tourable for Capt. Robert Moore from Caswell County
Robert Moore Capt
Benjamin Jeans? Thomas Richardson John Stilwell?
Samuel Estis James Gibson Nathan Jeans
Thomas Thaxston John Graham Jacob Stilwell
James Barton Aquiller Davis Geo Hudson
Aasa Wright Johnson Webb Nicholas Wilson
Will. McIntush Joseph Gately John Coocket
James Sandford John Pouge Wm Randolph
Thomas Cantrell John Farmer Wm Hall
Lagan Ragon Wm Pyrant? Hugh Kelly
Wm Burton Joseph Aldridg John Wright
Thomas Ring Henry Burton John Harges
Nathan Flitcher Moses Hudson Joseph Mabry
Spencer Breedlove John Price? Stopd by the Civill
James Talley Jessey Duncan Power
Reuben Flitcher Isaac Gaskin Abraham? Fletcher?
Samuel Dueese James Cockburn John Fraper?
David Stokes James Guttrey Samule Cuddy?
Danl Watkins Wm Guttrey inlisted himself
James Johnson John Guttrey in the Contenentel
James Swinney Abraham Gregory Sarvis the 26 Day of
Thomas Dobbin Geo Peterford January 1779 for
Robert Webb John Wiley? Three years
Wm Allen John Hays
James Watkin John Goforth
Thomas Satterfield Zacariah Goforth
Thomas Wynn Wm Bryant
George Summers? James Bryan
Thomas Swann Alexander Shaddin
Clive? Terry Poter? Baker
John Medlebrook Danl Milton
Jones Broach Jacob Porter Alexander Human
Wm Thrift Jeffry Shy Joseph Robertson
Robert Moore Capt Wm McIntush Privt
Lancelot Johnston Surgn Spencer Breedlove Do
John Price Sergt Reuben Fletcher Do
James Samford Do Nathan Fletcher Do
George Summers do Abraham Grigary Do
George Hudson Corpl Jacob Porter Do
James Barten Do David Stokes Do
Jacob Stilwell Fifer Jas Briant Do
Wm Pyront? Private Peter Baker Do
Joseph Gateley Do Saml Duease Do
Benjn Janes Do Joseph Aldrige? Do
Johnson Webb Do Alexr Human Do
Thos Richardson Do Isaac Gaskin Do
Jesse Dunkin? Do Wm Wright Do
…. …. Do Jones Broach? Do
… …son Do Dan… Helton? Do
James Cogburn Do George Pettiford Do
… Guttry Do Jno Goforth Do
Wm Halliburton Do Tos… Goforth Do
Wm Randolph Do Jno …ey Do
Wm Hall Do Saml Estes Do
Thos Thaxton Do Jas Sweeny Do
Larkin Ragin Do Wm Briant Do
Solomon … Do Thos Dobbins Do
Aquilla Davis Do Wm Hopper Do
Wm Guttry Do Thos Williams Do
Jno Guttrey Do Jas Conner Do
Joseph Robertson Do John Farmer Do
Jno Crockett Do James Talley Do
Hugh? Kelley Do
Hezekiah Duncan Do
Asa Norse? Do
Jno Pogue Do

May 1778 Orange NC, account of sale of estate of Joseph Boren returned to court (Orange NC Ct Minutes)
May 1778 Orange NC, Account of sale of estate of Joseph Boren to court (Orange NC Ct Minutes) At the same court an account of the sale of the estate of John Boren.

26 May 1778 Will McIntush enrolls with Capt Robert Moore from Caswell. Co. in Rev. War. (National Archives)
NOTE: There are differing dates between entry records, deed records, and county minute records.

1 Jun 1778 Alexander Mackintosh enters 150 A lying on both sides of Storm Creek running for compt and warrant issued for McIntosh 28 Jul 1779 # 281. In left margin it states "claimed by Jno. Wilkinson 28 Aug 1778 by information of Saml Wilkinson that he was in the Continental services." (FHL Film # 18416--NC land entries 1778-1795) (Storm Creek appears to have been a branch of North Hico)

2 Jun 1778 Thomas McIntosh enters 100 A lying on both sides of Storm Creek including the improvments he now lives on. Warrant issued the 28 Jun 1779 for the enterer # 286. In left margin "Claimed by Jos? Wilkinson Augst 28 1778 by information of Saml Wilkinson that he was in the Continental Services." (FHL Film # 18416--film of land entries)
20 Jul 1778 William Anglin enters 250 A lying on Noleys Fork of County Line Creek including his improvement where he now lives for compliment Entry # 457. (FHL Film # 18416--film of land entries)

8 Sep 1778 John McIntosh enters 400 A of land lying on the South Fork of County Line Creek including his improvements # 677. (FHL Film # 18416--film of land entries)

1 Oct 1778 Caswell NC, Land grant William Anglin 160 acres Brown Cr. There is another land grant to William Anglin 250 acres Nolleys Fork, but I neglected to record the date. (Caswell Co. NC Land Grants, Tax Lists, State Census, Apprentice Bonds, Estate Records)

1 Dec 1778 Will McIntush, pvt, Lt. Col. Lytle's Command, Caswell Co. N. C. pay roll taken to Dec 1 1778, commencement May 26, paid for 6 mo 5 days, pd Dec 1, 6 2/3 dollars per mo. Amt pd 41 1/2. Amt 16 lbs. 10 S. Enrolled for Capt Robert Moore from Caswell Co. Rev. War.

31 Dec 1778 William Hopper enters 200 acres of land joining the line of Joseph Meeks on the waters of North Hico including his improvement bought of William Middleton. (FHL Film # 18416 NC Land Entries 1778-1795)
1779 Randolph NC, Charles Hopper (Early AM Series)

15 Feb 1779 Wm Boring enters 400 acres on waters of County Line Creek. This entry made over to Adam Rich in whose name warrant is altered. (975.657 R28p Absty Land Entries Caswell & Person Co NC)
9 Jul 1779 Caswell NC, Benjamin McIntosh witnessed the marriage of James Akin and Mary Murphey (Caswell NC Marr Bonds)

12 Aug 1779 John Hopper 100 acres joining his own line & others on waters of Linches Cr. (FHL Film # 18416 NC Land Entries 1778-1795)

12 Aug 1779 Ann Hopper enters 100 acres joining her own? and John McMinimys line on waters Lynch Creek. (FHL Film # 18416 NC Land Entries 1778-1795)

4 Oct 1779 James Hopper 200 acres land between Storm Creek & Negro Creek joining his own and other lines of John Corder, John Browning & Joseph Meeks. (FHL Film # 18416 NC Land Entries 1778-1795)

8 Oct 1779 William Hopper 100 acres joining own west side of waters of North Hico wood land. (FHL Film # 18416 NC Land Entries 1778-1795)

15 Oct 1779 Alexander McIntosh enters 150 A on waters of Storm Creek on east side of the creek, woodland # 1211. (FHL Film # 18416--NC Land Entries 1778-1795) (Storm Creek is apparently on North Hico)

All males above 16 and below 60 bound to bear arms & serve as soldiers whenever grand council found it necessary. Each militia under a captain. Tax lists set up by military districts. In 1780 NC had 6 military districts: Edenton, Halifax, Hillsborough, New Bern, Salisbury, Wilmington. (975.6 D27hm An Intermed. Short Short Course on Use of Some NC Records)

1780 Dobbs NC, John Boron (Early AM Series)

Abt 1780 Charles McIntosh volunteered 3 mo. pvt. Caswell Co. NC, enlisted for 3 terms (FHL Film # 0971687)
1780 Caswell NC, John, Charles, William, Thomas, Alexander McIntosh Glos. District. John Boron taxpayer Dobbs Co. (NC Tax Lists)
1780 Glos. District:
Boreing, James -,-.---,,1011.0l0
Boren Isac -,-.---,,520.0.0
Boren William -,-.---,,698.6.8
10 Jan 1780 Caswell NC, James Hopper to Richard Arnold land on N side Negro creek, adjoining Brownings run, Orange Co. line, John Browning, John Shy. (FHL Fillm # 18434 Caswell Deeds Bks D & E) (Altho the date is 1780, deeds on either side of this deed have the date of 1787?)
24 Mar 1780 Caswell NC, Robert Atkinson of Caswell to Edmond Browning of same for 130 lbs, 600 acres on Haw Br of County Line Cr, part of tract granted to Ransom Atkinson by the state, adj Ridg Path called John McIntosh's path. Wit: Loyd Vanhook/s/Ransom Atkinson by Robert Atkinson atty in fact. Deed Bk A pg 321 (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deed Books 1777-1817)

1781 Jno Hopper pvt Brevards Co. 12 Mo. Left service 9 May 1782. (975.6 D25h NC Hist & Geneal Register Index))
21 Apr 1781 Caswell NC, Robert Atkinson of Caswell to Solomon Parks of same for 125 lbs old Trade, 380 acres adj John McIntosh path on Haw Br of County Line Cr, Robert Parks; a part of 640 acres entered by Ransom Atkinson in 21 Apr 1781 Wit: Robert Parks, Wm Barnwell. (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deed Books 1777-1817)
21 May 1781 Moses Hopper pvt Donohos Co 12 Mo. Left service 25 May 1782 (975.6 D25n V 1 NC Hist. & Geneal. Register V 3)

12 Sep 1781 Wilkes NC, Susanna Hopper md. James Hais? (MDVANC Marr on CD)
Jan 1782 Cornelius Anglin paid for service prior to Jan 1782 (975.6M2d Roster of Soldiers from NC)
9 Oct 1782 Caswell NC, # 352 John McIntosh 400 A both sides south fork County Line Creek (FHL Film # 0358224 Caswell NC Deed Book B)

11 Apr 1783 Orange NC, Joseph McReynolds md. Rebecca Borin, Robt McReynolds BM. (975.6565 V2h Orange NC Marr Bonds)

10 Mar 1783 Caswell NC, Isaac Boring, Caswell, from John Browning, land on waters of Storm Creek (FHL Film # 0358224 Caswell NC Deeds Bk B 1782-1784)

Aug 1783 Orange NC, Alexander Borin on jury (Orange NC Minutes)
17 Sep 1783 Caswell, NC, Thomas McIntosh, Caswell, NC sells for 70 lbs to James Barton of Isle of White Co. VA 123 A both sides Storm Creek. Wit: Micijah & Beauford Pleasant. (FHL Film # 358224 Caswell NC Deeds Bk C pg 168)
13 Oct 1783 Caswell NC, State of NC #427 to John Hopper 100 acres Linches Cr adjoining former entry (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deeds 1777-1817)

13 Oct 1783 Caswell NC, # 576 John Hopper 100 acres Linches Cr incl his improvements (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deeds 1777-1817)

13 Oct 1783 Caswell NC, Thomas McIntosh receives from Caswell County 100 A both sides of Storm Creek Bk D Pg 58 Entry 485. (FHL Film 358224 Caswell NC Deeds)
Dec 1783 Caswell NC, Deed from John Browning to Isaac Boran for 400 acres oath of Josiah Cote (FHL Film # 358278 Caswell NC Minute Books)

13 Dec 1783 Caswell NC, Thomas McIntosh of CC to Jessee Shy for 50 lbs 100 A both sides Storm Creek adj. Parker, same granted McIntosh by state Bk E Pg 248. (FHL Film # 358224 Caswell NC Deeds)
1784 John, Charles, William, Thomas, and Alexander in Caswell, Gloucester District. 5 place code: WM 21-60, WM under 21 & over 60, WF all ages, blacks 12-60, blacks under 12 & above 60
Alexdr McIntosh -22--
Charles 1----
William 112--
John 143--
Isaac Boren 112--
Solomon Parks 1-11-
Wm Angling 123-- (St Davids Distr)
Also 1784 tax list Glos. District #'s mean #acres, # white polls, # blacks.
John McIntosh 400-1-0
Charles 0-1-0
William 50-1-0
Thomas 290-1-0
Alexander 200-1-0
James Hopper 240-1-0
John Hopper 200-1-0
July 1784 Caswell NC, John Browning appointed guardian of Sarah Boren and David Boren orphans of Joseph Boren decd. Entered into bond with Henry Fuller) (FHL Film # 358278 Caswell NC Minutes 1777-1781)
17 Aug 1784 Caswell NC, Daniel and Eliza Parker of Caswell sell Thomas McIntosh of Caswell for 50 lbs 120 ¾ A Waters of Storm Creek Book C Pg 6. Wit: Ralph Shaw & Eliza McIntosh. (FHL Film # 0358224 Caswell NC Deeds)
11 Oct 1784 Caswell NC, Phebe Boran md Andrew McBride. Isaac Browning, J. Campbell (Caswell NC Marr Bonds 1778-1868 FHL 975.6575 V2k)

10 Nov 1784 Caswell NC, Alexander McIntosh 300 A on Storm Creek adj. James Hopper, John Hopper, Gabl Murphey Deed Bk D Grant from State of NC Pg 72 # 642. (FHL Film # 0358224 and 975.6575 R28k v 1 Caswell NC Deed Books 1777-1817)
12 Feb 1784 Cornelius Anglin heirs. Pvt, 640 acres, 84 months service (FHL 975.6M2d Roster of Soldiers from NC)
1785 an Alexander McIntosh was a pvt in Ashetons Co. 1st US Regt under Lt Col Harmar 1785-90. Lt. Col Josiah Harmar Aug 9 1780-1781 7th PN Regt organized from vets and new recruits over the winter of 1776-77 and served until 17 Jan 1781. Disbanded to comply with general orders from Washington. (973 M2 be Encyclopedia of Continental Army Units)
Jan 1785 Caswell NC, Deed from Daniel Parker to Thomas McIntosh for 123 ¾ A proved by oath of Ralph Shaw (FHL Film # 358278)

22 Mar 1785 Wilkes NC, John Hopper md. Anna Wilson (MDVANC Marr on CD)
11 May 1785 Caswell NC, Charles McIntosh witnessed the marriage of Shadrack Gibes to Ester Robinson. (Caswell NC Marr Bonds)

July 1785 Caswell NC, Thomas McIntosh insolvent Glos. & St. Davids tax list. (FHL Film # 358278 Caswell NC Minutes 1777-1781)

3 Jul 1785 Caswell NC, a list of property of Jacob Browning deceased, 430 acres land, 2 horses, etc. Elizabth Browning his executor (FHL Film # 18415 Caswell NC Inventories of Estates 1772-1831)

8 Dec 1785 Wilkes NC, John Hopper md. Sarah Jett (MDVANC Marr on CD)
(Deed Bk A pg 321 mentions John McIntosh's path-also Deed Bk A pg 540)
1786 Alexander, Charles, William and John McIntosh were taxpayers in Caswell NC Gloucester Dist.; Also Harmon, James, John & Susannah Hopper; also Isaac Boren. Swine McIntosh was taxpayer in Richmond Co. no twp. (973 D2 Jeno Early AM Series NC Vol 1) Thomas McIntosh was also taxpayer in 1786 as was William Angline, Solomon Parks, and Robert Parks. William Angline was in St Davids Distr. (NC Taxpayers 1679-1790)
1786 Currituck NC, Joseph Bowren will, Darius Daniel Joseph Mary (Abstr NC Wills)
Jan 1786 Caswell NC, Deed from Thomas McIntosh to James Barton for 123 A land proved by oath of Beaufort Pleasant (FHL Film 358278 Caswell NC Minutes)

Apr 1786 Caswell NC, Alexander McIntosh exempted from payment of poll tax for 1786 (FHL Film # 358278)
1786 Alexander, Charles, John and William McIntosh are in Caswell Co., Glos. District

30 Sep 1786 Caswell NC, Alexander McIntosh acknowledges that he called Robert Parks a "leather stealing son of a _____ and it was false and groundless and he had no right to say such a thing." His mark is large M. A Lye Bill given by Alexander McIntosh to Robert Parks proved by oath of James Turner. (Or Oct Ct 1786) (Film 18415 Inventories of Estates 1772-1886 Bk B Pg 159?)

Oct 1786 Caswell NC, Deed from Isaac Boren & Phebe his wife to Nicholas Browning for 100 acres proved by oath of John McMinimey & Edmund Browning. (FHL Film # 358278 Caswell NC Court Minutes)

11 Oct 1786 Caswell NC, A deed from John and Mary McIntosh of Caswell to Henry Turner of same for 200 lbs 100 A 3 Fork County Line adj John Graves, John Anthony. The deed was also signed by Mary McIntosh. Witt: James Turner, Robert Payne Deed Bk E pg 98. (975.6575 R28k v 1 Caswell NC Deed Books 1777-1817 (FHL Film # 358278)

Jan 1787 Caswell NC, Nicholas Browning will pg 166 written 23 Oct 1786. Wife Sarah. Joseph Jones to continue where now lives. Dau Sarah, Jean. Sons Enos, Francis, John, Charles. Dau Mary & Elizabeth. Exec. brother Edmund Browning and Joshua Browning. Witt: Isaac Corren, James Hopper. Proved by oath of Isaac Boren. (975.6575 P28k Caswell NC Wills)
April 1787 Caswell NC, William and Nimrod McIntosh are on road crew. David Hearndon is overseer of road from opposite John Dickeys to the County line with following hands: John McMinimy, Alex. McMinimy, Will. McMinimy, Isaac Boran, Saml Shy, Richd Arnold, Jesse Shy, John Hopper, Thos Hopper, Harmon Hopper, Isaac Cole, John Murphey, Gabl Murphey, James? Currie William Murzle, Robert McGhee, John Whitt? Absolom Night, Hugh Currie? James Night, James Mason Samuel Warren William McIntosh Nimrod McIntosh

23 Mar 1787 Caswell NC, Obadiah Martin to Saml Browning 119 acres Jordans Creek (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deeds 1777-1817)

18 Aug 1787 Caswell NC, #940 James Hopper 200 acres Storm & Negro Cr adjoining Brownings, Orange Co. Line, Shys Line. (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deeds 1777-1817)

17 Nov 1787 Caswell NC, John Hopper to Wm Warren 100 acres E side Linches. (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deeds 1777-1817)

17 Nov 1787 Caswell NC, John Hopper to Ben Douglas 100 acres Linches Cr (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell Nc Deeds 1777-1817)

24 Nov 1787 Caswell NC, Edmond Browning & Joshua Browning exec of last will of Nicholas Browning decd of Caswell to David Mitchell Sr of same for 70 lbs 100 acres both sides Storm Cr Wit: Wm Mitchell, Wm McIntosh. (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deeds)

29 Nov 1787 Caswell NC, #146 John Hopper Sr. to David Herndon 100 acres Linches Cr. (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deeds 1777-1817)

28 Dec 1787 Caswell NC, Winifred Hopper md Richard Benton. John Murphey (Caswell NC Marr Bonds)
1 Jan 1788 Caswell NC, James Hopper of Caswell to Richd Arnold 200 acres Storm & Negro Creek adj. John Browning, Orange Co. line, John Shy. (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deeds 1777-1817)

Jan 1788 Caswell NC, Thos McIntosh deed to Jesse Shy 100 A proved by Luke Pendergast (FHL Film # 358378 Caswell NC Court Minute Books)

4 Feb 1788 Caswell NC, Nimrod McIntosh witnessed the marriage of Gabriel Murphey Jr & Clarey Hearndon. (Caswell NC Marr Bonds)

23 Oct. 1788 Caswell NC, Nicholas Browning will. wife Sarah, dau Sarah, Jean, sons Enos, Frances, John, Charles, daus Mary & Elizabeth. Exec Bro Edmund Browning & Joshua Browning. Wit: Issac Corren & James Hopper. Proved by oath of Isaac Boren. (976.6575 P28k V1 Caswell NC Wills)

15 Dec 1788 Caswell NC, Nimrod McIntosh md. Nancey Murphey , Hugh Currie (Caswell NC Marr Bonds)
1789 Chowan NC John Hopper will, Thomas, Tanner, Mary (975.6P28o Abstr NC Wills)
1789 Moore NC, Duncan McIntosh will, wife of Duncan, Campbell, sister (Abstr NC Wills)
9 Jan 1789 Caswell NC, William McIntosh bondsman or witness to the marriage of Titus Benton to Mary Cates. (975.5765 V2k Caswell NC Marr. Bonds 1778-1868)

15 Nov 1789 Caswell NC, William Anglin md. Kerin Happuch Rice of Wright. John X Anglin (975.6575 V2k Caswell NC Marr Bonds 1778-1868)

1790 NC Census (Made from tax lists) Alexander, Nimrod and William McIntosh in Hillsborough district, Caswell.
11 Jan 1790 Benjamin McIntosh for Military Service performed in Davidson County, NC, 2:10 (sum claimed) to whom certificate was delivered. (North Carolina Revolutionary Army Accounts Secretary of State Treasurers and Comptrollers Papers Vol. V Vol VI Part IV)

31 Jul 1790 Alexander McIntosh purchaser in estate sale of Samuel Greer. Bk B Oct Ct
25 Aug 1790 Caswell NC, Alexander Mackentosh of Caswell sells Margaret Grier wife of Sam Grier decd. for 105 lbs 16 shillings 264 A both sides Storm Creek of North Hico adj. James Hopper, Ridge Path, Benton. Wit: Robt Mitchell, Wm Culbertson. Deed Bk G pg 127. (975.6575 R28k v 1 Caswell NC Deedbooks 1777-1817)
In 1791 4 Districts left in Caswell: Caswell, David, Richmond, Gloucester.
16 Feb 1791 Rowan NC, Thomas Hopper md. Nancy Stewart (MDVANC Marr on CD)
22 Apr 1791 Power of attorney: Martha Fury to friend Jonathan Anthony to receive from Charles McIntosh amt of debt due Marth Fury. Pg 35 Bk B (Caswell Co. NC Will Books 1777-1814)
20 Dec 1791 Thomas McIntosh given NC land grant in TN Co. 100 A on west side up upper trace creek # 110 (# 115) Bk F-6 pg 3536. Benjamin McIntosh 50 A TN Co. in the barrens called the walnut flatt # 113 (#108) (FHL Film # 1002738 Index to NC grants in TN)

Mar 1792 Caswell NC, John Browning, Green Co. GA appoints David Boran attorney to sell 206 A property of Joseph Boren decd (FHL Film # 18418 Caswell NC Will inventories etc.)

1 Mar 1792 Cornelius Anglen pvt paid Hillsboro. (FHL 975.6M2d Roster of Soldiers from NC)
14 Dec 1792 Orange NC, John Hopper md. Ally Harper, Edmond Harper BM. (Orange Co. NC Marr 1779-1868)
Abt 1793 Charles McIntosh moved to Robertson Co. TN (FHL Film # 3903325)

1793 Wilkes Co, Abel McIntosh taxpayer in Thorntons Dist. (973 D2 Jeno Early AM Series NC Vol 1)
24 Aug 1797 Caswell NC, William Browning md Cathrine Anglin. Humphrey Roberts (Caswell NC Marr Bonds)
10 Oct 1797 Caswell NC, Saml. Browning & wife Elizabeth sell to Joseph Shaw 119 acres Jordan Creek (975.6575 R28k V1 Caswell NC Deeds 1777-1817)

25 Oct 1797 Caswell NC, Letter of Attorney from William Anglin Sr. admin. of Cornelius Anglin decd to son Aaron Anglin to recover all title to land in TN (975.6575 P28k v 1 Caswell NC Bill Books)

16 Jan 1798 Wilkes NC, Frances Hopper md. Joseph Blackwell (MCVANC Marr on CD)
July Ct. 1798 Caswell NC, pg 321, 29 Jan 1798 Letter of attorney: Wm McIntosh to friend Solomon Parks to recover wages due from State of NC to Cornelius Anglin a late soldier in the Cont. line of NC to which wages "I suppose myself entitled as his heir at law and said Solomon should compromise with the person that hath drawn the wages." Wit: Danl Burfor John Appleton, James Appleton Bk C pg 321 Caswell NC Will Bks 1777-1814 (FHL Film # 18418)

Oct Ct 1798 Caswell NC, John Siddall Will (written 22 Aug 1794) wife Esther 2 sons and son in law Job Siddall, Ira Siddall, Ephraim Nowell; daus Martha Siddall, Amey Siddall, Betsy Anglin, Nancy Siddall. Sons Jesse & Stephen 1 shilling ea. (Caswell Co. NC Will Books 1777-1814)

7 Sep 1799 Wilkes NC, Elizabeth Hopper md Charles Adams (MDVANC Marr on CD)
13 May 1800 Orange NC, William Browning md Margret Rhodes; James Copley, Jno Taylor BM. (Orange Co NC Marr 1779-1868) (Quite a few Browning marriages at later dates in Orange Co)

1801 free males over 50 exampted from poll tax. (975.6 D27n NC Research-Leary)
24 Mar 1801 Caswell NC, Samuel Hopper m. Elizabeth Murphey, Bondsman or witness: James Powell (w) Alex Murphey (975.6575 V2k Caswell NC Marriage bonds)

26 Mar 1802 Orange NC, Edmund Browning md Milley Williams; Benj. Peeler BM. (Orange Co NC Marr 1779-1868)
7 Feb 1802 Orange NC, Mark Browning md Livina Woods; Wm Turner BM (Orange Co NC Marr 1779-1868)
22 Oct 1802 Orange NC, Nancy Hopper md. Daniel Robinson (MDVANC Marr on CD)
1803 Caswell Co. NC list of taxables, no McIntosh names.

Apr Ct 1803 Caswell NC, William Anglin Sr. will. Wife Ann. Son John to get obligation on Benjamin Kidd for 51 lbs 12 sh, gives to his son in law William McIntosh, son in law James Barton, sons William and Aron and daughter Sally Anglin, dau Catherine Browning. Exec wife. Witt: James Williamson, Ann E. Williamson, Benjamin Kidd. Bk E Pg 6 (Written 26 Mar 1798?)

25 Apr 1803 Caswell NC, Mary Kerr & Zephaniah Tait 1000 lbs Wm Anglin deceased. Mary X Kerr, Zephaniah Tate, Alex Murphy DC. (FHL Film # 1711032 #2 Caswell NC Settlements.

July 1803 Caswell NC, Ann Anglin turned in inventory (FHL Film # 1711032 #2 Caswell NC Settlements)
Jul 1803 Caswell NC, Inventory of Wm Anglin estate (FHL Film # 18415 Caswell NC Inventories 1772-1831 Inventory at very end of film)

8 Sep 1803 Wilkes NC, Nancy Hopper md. Rawley Turner (MCVANC Marr on CD)
21 Sep 1803 William McIntosh witness to marriage of Barzel Murphey to Elizabeth Fury. (Caswell NC Marr Bonds)
22 Oct 1803 Orange NC, Daniel Robinson md. Nancy Hopper, John Hubbard BM. (Orange Co. NC Marr 1779-1868)
28 Oct 1804 Caswell NC, Sally Anglin md Richard Smith. Wm Browning (Caswell NC Marr Bonds)
14 Feb 1808 Orange NC, John Browning md. Sally Grimes; William Rhodes BM. (Orange Co. NC Marr 1779-1868)
9 Mar 1808 Rockingham NC, Jane Hopper md. James Kilman. (MDVANC Marr on CD)
21 Sep 1808 Charles McIntosh grant # 521, 274 A Robertson Co. Bk A Pg 511 General grants (FHL Film # 1002738 NC Grants TN Index))

3 Mar 1809 Surry NC, Edward Hopper md. Sally Gibbons (MDVANC Marr on CD)
10 Apr 1809 Nimrod McIntosh grant # 1041, 98 A Robt. Co. Bk B Pg 735 general grants (FHL Film # 1002738)
Jul 1809 Caswell NC, Inventory of the estate of Wm Anglin Bk E p 11 (FHL Film # 18415 Nc Inventories of estates 1772-1886. Inventory near end of reel)

9 Nov 1809 Caswell NC, Caleb Anglin md Hannah Powell. James Powell (w) Alex Murphey (Caswell NC Marr Bonds)
20 Jun 1810 Charles McIntosh grant # 2307, 100 A Robt Co. Bk E pg 444 general grants. (FHL Film # 1002738)
21 Jan 1818 Jacob Boren, NC Sgt 1000 acres to heirs (973 R 2 60 Rev War Bounty Land Grants)
29 Jul 1819 Charles McIntosh grant # 13719, 34 A Robt. Co. Bk P Pg 742 general grants (FHL Film # 1002738)
19 Jun 1828 Thomas McIntosh grant # 8111, 75 A Stewart Co Bk 10 Pg 131 Middle TN (FHL Film # 1002738)