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Robert McIntosh Australia
A McIntosh family line, in Australia, appears to have come from Scotland by way of one Robert Mcintosh
who was the Bandmaster for Govenor Macquire of Sydney in 1814. One of Robert's descendants, Clifford,
 started the Clan McIntosh Society of Australia.  The information here comes from one of the Societies
Researches, Dennis Johnson and the Clan Mackintosh of Australia website.

Donald McIntosh of Little Dunkeld b abt 1680 married Jonet ( janet ) Robertson, b 1681, and together had issue a son William.

Jonet's father was John Robertson b. 1638 and her mother was Margaret Reid b. 1655. From the marriage of John Robertson and Margaret there appears a second daughter, Elspeth, who married 1st William Beatie and 2nd, Mungo Murray, son of John Murray , and grandson of William Murray, 2nd Earl of Tulliebardine. ( The father of the mentioned John Robertson was another John Robertson who was the keeper of Blair Castle and was the son of Alexander Robertson and grandson of John Robertson of Lude who married Batrix Gardyne. )

William McIntosh b 1712 Logierait Perth Scotland, married Grissel McLauchlin and had issue a son John

John McIntosh b. 1746 Logierait Perth Scotland, married Isobel ( nee) McIntosh
who was born 1760 and had issue a son Robert.

Robert McIntosh b. 4 Feb 1781, at Glenalbert Scotland, imigrated to Australia in 1814 and passed at
New South Wales Australia in 1829.

The descendants of this John & Robert are as follows...

John b. 1746 and Isabel lived in Logierait, Perthshire. Their son Robert arrived in NSW in 1814 with the 46th Regiment of which he was bandmaster. His wife Ellen and their children Elizabeth, Robert and John accompanied him. The family settled in the north shore district of Sydney and  have multiple connections to the Pymble and McKeown families. The other children, Mary, James, Charles, Ellen and Sarah Margaret appear to have all been born in Australia.

b. 1781 Logierait, PER, SCT
d. 1829 NSW, AUS m. 1807 DUB, IRL Ellen DUDGEON Children:
Elizabeth McINTOSH (1807-1835)
Robert McINTOSH (1809-1889) m.Jane PYMBLE
Robert Edward McINTOSH (1831-1902) m.Elizabeth ARCHBOLD
Grace Jane McINTOSH (1862-1937)
Elizabeth Eveline McINTOSH (1864-1929)
Robert Archbold McINTOSH (1866-1935) m.Emma Elizabeth MARTIN
Marjorie Elizabeth McINTOSH (1898-1958)
Eva Irene McINTOSH (1903-1979)
Edward Donald McINTOSH (1868-1925)
Edwin Bruce McINTOSH (1870-1927) m.Jessie L CHERRY
George McINTOSH (1833-1917) m.Ann Jane McKEOWN
George Robert McINTOSH (1863-1905) m.Fanny Rosena GALE
Muriel McINTOSH (1888-?)
Marjorie McINTOSH (1890-1890)
George Julian McINTOSH (1891-1952)
Morley McINTOSH (1895-1965) m.Dorothy M G BOWMAN
Mollie McINTOSH (1904-?)
Arthur Albert McINTOSH (1864-1873)
Ernest Edwin McINTOSH (1866-1868)
Herbert Edgar McINTOSH (1868-1957) m.Edith Uniake HICKSON
Noel Desmond McINTOSH (1903-?) m.Edith Hinton FORSYTH
Ida Jane McINTOSH (1870-?)
Edith Emily McINTOSH (1872-1892)
Annie McINTOSH (1873-1878)
Stanley Edward McINTOSH (1875-1875)
Emily Naomi McINTOSH (1876-1973)
Jessie McINTOSH (1879-1950)
May Edna McINTOSH (1879-1939)
Arthur Marshall McINTOSH (1881-1953) m1.Jessica Hilary Vanessa BARRETT
Arthur Marshall McINTOSH (1881-1953) m2.Emma Margaret Magdelen Leconte NICHOLSON
Eliza Maud McINTOSH (1883-1962)
Mary McINTOSH (1885-1954)
Ruby Adeline McINTOSH (1888-1962)
James McINTOSH (c1834-1840)
William Henry McINTOSH (1835-1913) m1.Maria Harriet BUCKINGHAM
William Henry Colin Campbell McINTOSH (1868-1951) m.?Elizabeth A BRASSINGTON
Robert Douglas McINTOSH (1871-1966) m.Elsie Alice E WEIRICK
Elizabeth Laura May McINTOSH (1873-1956)
Jessie Jane McINTOSH (1875-1953)
Elsie Elizabeth McINTOSH (1878-?)
Percy Harold McINTOSH (1880-1915) m.Jessie A EVANS
Henry Wallace McINTOSH (1885-1959) m.Florence Rhoda M MALES
Reuban Oswald McINTOSH (1886-?)
William Henry McINTOSH (1835-1913) m2.Gertrude May YOUNG-HUSBAND
Clarence Gordon McINTOSH (1899-1976) m.Alice M J MAHER
Virginia May McINTOSH (1900-1978)
Hannah McINTOSH (1838-1908)
Lavinia McINTOSH (1841-1922)
Edwin Archbold McINTOSH (1843-1909) m.Susan OSBORN
Edwin Oliver McINTOSH (1879-1929) m. Adeline May PAGE
Edwin Francis McINTOSH (1903-1979) m.Sylvia Annie MACARTHUR
Gertrude Emily McINTOSH (1880-1920)
Stanley Archibald McINTOSH (1882-1951) m.Mabel Beatrice TATE
Susan McINTOSH (1884-1956)
Leslie Gordon McINTOSH (1885-1953) m.Nina Gertrude Louisa COOPER
Norman McINTOSH (1887-1946) m.Elena Mary HAWKER
Ilma Jane McINTOSH (1888-1960)
Olive McINTOSH (1891-1977)
Osborn McINTOSH (1893-1967) m.Bernice Martha Dolina LANFRANCHI
Linda McINTOSH (1895-1982)
Raymond Edgar McINTOSH (1897-1968) m1.Cecile Amy Elizabeth SANDERS
Raymond Edgar McINTOSH (1897-1968) m2.Merle Myrtle SMITH
Inez McINTOSH (1900-1900)
Sarah Emily McINTOSH (1845-1907)
Alfred D McINTOSH (1848-1914) m.Elizabeth WILSON
Wilton Ernest McINTOSH (1874-1943) m.Fanny Elizabeth BAKER
Wilton Marshall McINTOSH (1897-1969)
Arthur Robert McINTOSH (1899-1978)
Ala Naomi E McINTOSH (1902-1965)
Harold Baker McINTOSH (1904-1968)
Olive Merle McINTOSH (1909-?)
Mary Emily McINTOSH (1875-?)
Alice J McINTOSH (1878-1878)
Alfred George McINTOSH (1879-1961) m.Florence Gertrude CARTER
Norman Alfred McINTOSH (1913-1966)
Norris James McINTOSH (1916-2000)
Robert Wilson McINTOSH (1882-1965) m.Ruby Louise MANWARING
Robert Mervyn McINTOSH (1909-1960)
Beryl Thea McINTOSH (1916-1972)
Clara Elizabeth McINTOSH (1884-1912)
Clement Franklin McINTOSH (1886-1973) m.Laura Hannah EARLE
John Willoughby McINTOSH (1888-1972) m1.Maud I DARCON
John Willoughby McINTOSH (1888-1972) m2.Lavinia Muriel HAVENHAND
Reginald Frederick McINTOSH (1890-1936) m.Ethel ELLIOTT
Frederick McINTOSH (1850-1898) m.Margaret BLAIR
Frederick Blair McINTOSH (1885-1891)
Francis Stanley McINTOSH (1886-1958) m.Mabel May ATHERTON
Unice Vera A McINTOSH (1888-1894)
Elizabeth V McINTOSH (1890-1890)
Margaret E McINTOSH (1892-1892)
Malcolm McINTOSH (1894-1895)
John Fairlee McINTOSH (1895-1895)
Sydney James McINTOSH (1853-1936) m1.Margaret Matilda REYNOLDS
Ethel Jane Jemima McINTOSH (1883-1943)
Harold S McINTOSH (1885-1885)
Winifred May McINTOSH (1886-1960)
Harold Stuart C McINTOSH (1888-?)
Sydney James McINTOSH (1853-1936) m2.Alice Emily AYSCOUGH
Florence Emily McINTOSH (1898-?)
Grace E McINTOSH (1900-?)
Sydney James McINTOSH (1901-1972) m1.Sylvia G BOOTH
Sydney James McINTOSH (1901-1972) m2.Adelaide Ela RILEY
Sydney James McINTOSH (1901-1972) m3.Margaret Nora PARKINSON
Kenneth George McINTOSH (1904-1912)
Harold Stewart McINTOSH (1906-1971) m.Mary BECKMAN
Frederick William McINTOSH (1909-1912)
Alfred John McINTOSH (1911-1974) m.Lillian May SKIDMORE
Edwin N McINTOSH (1913-?)
Norman E K McINTOSH (c1914-1914)
Alice Lavinia McINTOSH (1915-1976)
Robert Bruce McINTOSH (1917-?) m.Imelda Clare Ann HOFFMAN
Reginald McINTOSH (?-1977)
Elsie May McINTOSH (c1924-1940)
John McINTOSH (1812-1860) m.Mary Jane SPENCER
John Francis Charles McINTOSH (1833-1891) m.Mary Elizabeth GREEN
Sydney Charles McINTOSH (1857-1933) m.Mary Ann KENNY
John Francis Charles McINTOSH (1882-1951)
Frances May McINTOSH (1884-1971)
Sydney William McINTOSH (1886-1964)
Elsie C McINTOSH (1888-1947)
Frances E McINTOSH (1858-?)
Sarah L McINTOSH (1859-1860)
John F C McINTOSH (1861-1946) m.Lucy Caroline WATERHOUSE
Ella L McINTOSH (1890-?)
Emily M McINTOSH (1892-?)
William Richard McINTOSH (1865-1945)
Alfred McINTOSH (1867-1950) m.Mary Alice COLLINS
Kathleen Edith McINTOSH (1896-1978)
Alfred John McINTOSH (1898-?)
James Spencer McINTOSH (1869-1950) m.Isabel Sarah Emily KEY
Amy May McINTOSH (1904-1960)
Ada Louisa McINTOSH (1871-1898)
Edith Maud McINTOSH (c1873-1958)
Ernest Albert McINTOSH (1875-1950) m.Florence M SKINNER
Edward McINTOSH (1876-1877)
Edwin McINTOSH (1879-1927)
Amy M McINTOSH (1881-1901)
James McINTOSH (1835-<1842)
Frances McINTOSH (1836-1901)
Eliza McINTOSH (1838-?)
Emily M McINTOSH (1840-?)
Charles McINTOSH (1841-<1844)
James McINTOSH (1842-1899)
Charles McINTOSH (1844-1897)
Jane McINTOSH (1845-1932)
Ellen McINTOSH (1848-1849)
Helen McINTOSH (1850-1924)
Alfred McINTOSH (1851-1933) m.Mary Jane HART
Alfred E A McINTOSH (1873-1876)
Sydney Charles McINTOSH (1875-1877)
Alfred John S McINTOSH (1877-?)
Mary Jane McINTOSH (1880-1973)
Helen May McINTOSH (1882-1956)
William F C McINTOSH (1885-1887)
Ada L McINTOSH (1854-1855)
Sydney Ryde McINTOSH (1855-?) m.Ellen O’CONNELL
Emily Aloysuis McINTOSH (1879-1959)
Sydney McINTOSH (1882-1929)
James Charles McINTOSH (1885-1951)
Frank McINTOSH (1887-1888)
Helen McINTOSH (1892-1893)
Florence M McINTOSH (1894-1902)
Lillie M McINTOSH (1897-1966)
Ada B McINTOSH (1900-?)
Mary Lillian McINTOSH (?-?)
Ada Louisa McINTOSH (1857-1938)
Mary McINTOSH (1859-1860)
Mary McINTOSH (1814-1881)
James McINTOSH (1817-?) m1.Martha SAGGERS
Edmund James McINTOSH (1840-1884) m.Margaret LIVINGSTONE
Ada Eveline McINTOSH (1873-1929)
Edwin James McINTOSH (1874-1950) m.Jessie Maud POTTER
Myrtle May McINTOSH(1902-?)
Edna Jane McINTOSH (1903-1950+)
Willis Edwin McINTOSH (1906-1950+)
Vera Maud McINTOSH (1908-1950+)
Sydney Melton McINTOSH (1912-1963)
Sidney William McINTOSH (1877-1919) m.Elsie Maud ROBERTS
Irene Annie Florence McINTOSH (1883-1954)
?David Livingstone McINTOSH (?-?) m. Catherine Fraser PATERSON
David Archibald Paterson McINTOSH (c1911-1952)
William Charles McINTOSH (1841-?)
Stephen J McINTOSH (1843-1843)
Emily Mary McINTOSH (1844-?)
Elizabeth Martha McINTOSH (1846-1851)
Sydney Robert McINTOSH (1848-1926) m.Agnes Lucy BRADY
Sydney William McINTOSH (1876-1877)
William J McINTOSH (1878-?)
Emily M McINTOSH (1881-1882)
Frederick B McINTOSH (1884-?)
Sydney R McINTOSH (1886-1886)
Frederick Richard McINTOSH (1850-1911) m.Emily A BRADY
Ernest William McINTOSH (1885-1943) m.Matilda Louise WILLS
Emily McINTOSH (1890-1890)
Ada E McINTOSH (1841-?)
Henry Albert McINTOSH (1853-1853)
James McINTOSH (1817-?) m2.Alice GOLDSMITH
James McINTOSH (1862-1936) m1. Mary Elizabeth Ellen LANCE
Alice Charlotte McINTOSH (1884-1967)
Alfred James McINTOSH (1886-1953)
Elizabeth Ada McINTOSH (1890-1920)
Emily Martha McINTOSH (1892-1933)
Eva M McINTOSH (1897-?)
Victor George McINTOSH (1899-1965) m.Jessie Alice Elizabeth Winifred HILDER
James McINTOSH (1862-1936) m2. Louisa PATTINSON
Lousia Isabel McINTOSH (1905-1926)
Herbert Phillip McINTOSH (1907-1942) m.Greta Kempton FITZGERALD
Alma Zeta McINTOSH (1908-?)
Horace Milton McINTOSH (1909-?) m1.Nora Irene CARTER
Horace Milton McINTOSH (1909-?) m2.Margery Phoebe CRAWLEY
Thelma I McINTOSH (1910-?)
Madge McINTOSH (1911-?)
James McINTOSH (1912-?)
Edna Ivy McINTOSH (1913-?)
Elliot Andrew McINTOSH (c1915-1915)
Charles McINTOSH (1818-1907) m.Elizabeth LITTLE
Mary Jane McINTOSH (1855-?)
Frederick Charles McINTOSH (1858-1948) m. Mary Ann MUDIE
Arthur George McINTOSH (1884-1945)
Mary Jane McINTOSH (1886-1958)
Frederick Wallace McINTOSH (1888-?) m.Ivy Marian HOWLETT
Edith May McINTOSH (1890-1941)
Hilda Lora McINTOSH (1892-1976)
Lachlan Oswald McINTOSH (1894-1958) m.Ethel Mary BRISTOW
Neil Campbell McINTOSH (1896-1954) m.Olive Elizabeth BOTTLE
Mina Avoca McINTOSH (1899-1906)
Charles A McINTOSH (1901-?) m.Molly BREWER
Mona McINTOSH (1903-1978)
Inez McINTOSH (1905-1968)
Elizabeth Martha McINTOSH (1860-1860)
Emily Martha McINTOSH (1862-1933)
Thomas Henry McINTOSH (1864-1864)
Thomas H McINTOSH (1865-?)
Eliza Alice McINTOSH (1869-1969)
Ada Beatrice McINTOSH (1872-1953)
Lillian Louise McINTOSH (1875-1957)
Ellen McINTOSH (1820-1860)
Sarah Margaret McINTOSH (1823-1861)

For more information on other family lines in Australia see the society website