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Clan Smith
The Smith family were claimed as a sept of the Macphearsons and the Mackintosh's
and therefore also of Clan Chattan.The name when translated meant a worker of iron
 and first occures in Southeast Scotland in the thirteenth century.

Traditionally, many Smiths are given as a sept of the Clan Macpherson, a principal clan within the Confederation of Clan Chattan. According to legend, these Smiths, or Gows - the Gaelic equivalent, were known as 'Slioch Gow Chruim' (the race of the hunchbacked smith), and are reputedly descendants of a 'smith' of Perth who was enlisted to fill a vacant place in the Clan Chattan ranks when they participated in the celebrated 'trial by combat' on the North Inch at Perth in 1396. While this tradition has never been substantiated, it is still possible that a number of Smiths with a Badenoch origin, may stem from the 'Slioch Gow Chruim'. The names Gowan, and MacGowan - 'son of the smith', are of similar origin, and clan affiliation should be sought with equal care for, traditionally, they are also accepted by the Clan Donald.

There is no chief of this name so it is appropriate to adopt the TARTAN, CREST and MOTTO of CLAN CHATTAN.

The most notable family of this name emerged in the
Barony of Mugdock, in the Parish of Strathblane, Sterlingshire.

Tartans: Smith Ancient # 175, Modern # 503