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Clan MacIntyre

The Clan Macintyre is of ancient origin, with, it is claimed a close connection with the Clan Donald. The commonly accepted origin of the name if that Mac-an-t-saoir means the son of the carpenter. A prominent member of the clan gives the derivation as from a MacDonald called Cean-tire from possessing lands in Kintyre. His son John acquired the lands of Degnish in Lorn and was known as John Mac-Cein-teire-Dhegnish. The former derivation may account for the name being found in districts widley separated, as there would be carpenters or wrights in many districts.

The principal family was the Macintyres who possessed the lands of Glencoe and were hereditary foresters to the Stewarts, Lords Of Lorn. The Macintyres of Badenoch are descended from the bard Macintyre whom William, 13th of MacKintosh, took under his protection in 1496. Another family of Macintyres were hereditary pipers to MacDonald of Clanranald, and the Macintyres of Rannoch were hereditary pipers to the chief of Clan Menzies. A branch of the clan resident in Cladich were famous for their weaving of hose and garters.

One of the most famous Gaelic poets was Duncan Macintyre, "Donnacha Ban nan Oran", born in Glenorchy in 1724. He was out in the Rising of 1745, and was later imprisoned for a poem he wrote against the Act proscribing the Highland dress. He died in Edinburgh in 1812.

Crest: A dexter hand holding a dagger in pale, proper. Badge: Heath. War Cry: Cruachan. Pipe music: Gabhaidh sinn an Rathad Mor.