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Finegand Cont.

(II) JOHN. On Robert's death the chieftainship of the sept seems to have passed to the family which had settled at Finegand, on the Shee a few miles below the Tom, perhaps some forty years before. The head of this family, probably a brother of Robert of Tom was John McComy Woir in 1568-71, when as has been mentioned charter rights were obtained by him and his wife and son to the "four merk lands of Finegand " and the shealings of Garmell and Cronaherrich.
Among the witnesses to the charter of 9 Sept. 1571 are John Rattray of Dalrulzion (father of John McComy's wife) and Robert Makryche [Mackintosh] in Glenshee." On 15 Jun 1569 " John McComie elder and younger " are parties to a agreement relative to the march between the Finegand an Dalrulzion. shealings in Glenbeg.

This agreement is mentioned in a " Tolerance " of 18 May 1637 among the Dalrulzion Writs, and is of interest as showing the distance to which the Rattrays of Dalrulzion had to go for their summer shealing, practically the whole length of Glenshee. Mr. McCombie Smith (pp. 18, 199) gives some particular of an Instrument of Tolerance for pasturing on the lands of Torridon or Corrydon, adjoining Finegand on the west, which was executed by Alexander Maxwell of Teilling, with consent of his son and apparent heir, at Finegand 11 Nov. 1577 in presence of George Drummond of Blair, John Rattray of Dalrulzion, George Maxwell, son of Teilling, John Farquharson in Craignestie, and Donald Farquharson in Castleton (of Braemar). In this, according to Mr. Smith, the grantee is called Makcomas instead of McComie (see note on p. 41 It gives " tollerance, licence, and previlege to the said Johnne Makcomas and his airis linialy to descend of his body to pasture their guddis, wyne and leid away fewall furth of ony pairt of the bordis of the saidis landis of Torrydon under wrytten in the marches and meithis efter specifiet," on a count of " the gude will service and thankfulness done to [the granters] by Johnne Makcomas fewar of Fynekand an his bairnes." From the last word it may perhaps be assume that John McComie younger was not the only son of his father.

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