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Cams Cont.

According to the Brouchdearg MS. one version of which calls him Alexander Mac-in-leigh, the other Alex. Mcintosh, Alexander married the elder daughter of David Farquharson 3rd of Brouchdearg by Margaret Rattray of Dalrulzion. By this marriage there was a son Lachlan, in 1739 (after his death) described as " only lawful son of the deceased Alex. Mackintosh of Cambs." Lachlan, who probably died before his father, married Margaret Spalding as appears below, and left two children, Patrick and Elspet. Margaret Spalding was probably of the Ashintillie family, and it may have been owing to this circumstance that her son Patrick Mackintosh obtained a fresh right to the lands of Cambs from David Spalding of Ashintillie in 1712. Perth Sas. xvi. 297.

 This, however, he did not long retain. After burdening the lands with a small charge in 1718, he in 1721 gave a heritable bond for 1200 merks upon them, with an annual rent of $40, to Grizel Mackenzie, widow of William Farquharson of Kerro (of the Allanaquoich family) and mother of Lachlan Farquharson of Binzean, and on 25 May 1727 he disponed to Lachlan of Binzean " the lands of Cames and pendicle thereof called Dalvrack, with pertinents, in the barony of Ashintully, with consent of Margaret Spalding his mother," under whose contract of marriage with tile deceased Lachlan Mackintosh younger of Cames certain provisions affecting the lands had been made. Perth Sas. xvii., xviii., xix.

Apparently Patrick's sister, Elspet, had some claim on the lands, and still lived there, for on 6 Dec. 1738, with consent of her husband Alexander Mackenzie in Cambs and as "only child in life of the deceased Lachlan Mackintosh who was only lawful son of the deceased Alexander Mackintosh in Cambs,". and also as "sister german of the deceased Patrick Mackintosh of Cambs and heiress to her said grandfather and brother," she executes an instrument of resignation in favour of John Farquharson of Invercauld, who had acquired the superiority of Cambs as well as of other lands in the glen. Perth Sas. xxii. 142.1 Patrick, apparently the last male of his family, had died two years previously, his testament being confirmed in the Dunkeld Commissariot 11 Nov. 1736