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Dalmunzie Cont.

(II.) DUNCAN " Cattanach " has already been mentioned in conjunction with his father in 1584. On 31 March 1595, at Invercauld, he joined with his neighbours Robert McColme (McComie or Malcolmetosh) of Tom and Lachlan Farquharson of Brouchdearg, also Donald (of Tulligarmont), George, and Finlay, Lachlan's brothers, and John of Invercauld, his nephew, in giving a heritable band of manrent to Lachlan Mackintosh of Dunachton, the chief, promising faithfully to serve and defend him as their " natyff cheiff " at their uttermost power against all persons, the King only excepted.

Duncan is named in the band (which is preserved among the Mackintosh muniments at Moy Hall) as Duncan Mcryche of Dulmonaye, but, the only signatories are the chief himself and Donald and John Farquharson the others probably being unable to write. The witnesses are Sir Thomas Gordon of Cluny and George Drummond of Blair, the latter of whom had been a fellow victim with Duncan's father in the proceedings before the Privy Council a few years earlier. In 1594 Duncan and his neighbour Robert McComie (Mackintosh) of the Tom are called upon by the Privy Council to answer for taking forcible possession of the lands of Spital belonging to David Weems (Wemyss) of that Ilk. These lands, which although at the head of Glenshee usually formed part of the lordship of Strathardle, lay between Dalmunzie and the Tom, and had presumably come into possession of the Wemyss family during their brief reign as lords of Strathardle.

On this occasion, as well as on other occasions in 1597, Duncan is styled Duncan M'Ricbie, but a few years later he seems to have decided on the name Mackintosh as his principal name " Duncan Mcintoshe alias McCreitche of Dalmungy " giving caution for David Spalding younger of Ashintillie on I Aug. 1606, and on 25 July 1607 (as portioner * of Dalmunzie) petitioning for help against Lochaber cattle thieves. P.C. Beg. vols. v. and vii. passim. On 13 March 1607 he took sasine on a disposition by his nephew Richard Malcomtoische alias McAindowie McRichie of the feu of "the wester half of all and whole that half which sometime pertained to John Malcomtoische alias Farquharson, son and heir of the deceased Robert M. alias F. in Invercauld [Farquharsons of Invereauld], of the town and lands of Inneriddrie ' as the same is presently divided extending to a 20s. land of old extent [52 acres arable, or half a plough-gate] and to a fourth part of the town and lands," with grazings, &c. Perth Sas. (Sec.) v. 441. As has been mentioned, he was only a portioner of Dalmunzie, but he appears to have held the Stewart portion on wadset for 200 merks from 20 June 1613 to 23 May 1619, renouncing the wadset on the latter date, but continuing the occupation on tack for five years at a rent of seven merks and two ells of it walkit gray clayth." Do. ii. 272. named Robert, Lachlan, and Archibald.

The two younger are mentioned in a renunciation of a wadset of part of Inveredrie by George Farquharson in Dalharnich (afterwards of Rochalzie), dated 8 May 1641, as having concurred in the wadset, granted 5 and 13 May 1634. On 22 July 1635 Lachlan M. "in Dalvonazie " and Grizel Rattray his spouse take sasine in portions of the arable land of Little Leonach, part of Dalmunzie, with grazing and shearing rights, on transfer from certain wadsetters under his father; and on 4 August following he acts as baillie for David Spalding of Ashintillie in infefting Janet Spalding alias Mcintagart as heir to John Mackintosh alias Esker, her uncle, in the lands of Balnald, part of Over Soilzearie. Perth, Sas. x. 2; vii. 0369-371, 386. In 1639 he is described as "Lachlan M. alias McRichie, sometime in Dalivongie now in Innereddrie," when he transfers his wadset of Little Leonach to John Mackintosh or McComie of Finegand. His brother Archibald is a witness to the sasine on 19 June. Do. ix. 230.

Robert, the eldest son, with John Mcintoshe alias McRichie in Soilzarie and many others, on 2 June 1613 is charged before the Privy Council with carrying hagbuts and pistols, and is fined $10 ; John in Soilzarie is fined ten merks. On 31 Oct. following Robert was at Edinburgh, where he witnessed a tack by Sir Lachlan Mackintosh, chief of the clan, and on 18 June 1619 he was able to serve the chief, then in the bad graces of Government in connection with a dispute with Lord Enzie afterwards second Marquis of Huntly by obtaining from the latter "gifts" of the escheat of certain Mackintosh properties in Badenoch and Culloden; in this transaction may perhaps be seen a survival of the friendly relations which had subsisted between the Dalmunzie family and the Earl of Huntly some thirty years before. As in these documents, which are preserved among the Mackintosh muniments, Robert is styled "of Dalmunzie," it is possible that the lands had been made over to him by his father (who had acquired part of Inveredrie, lower down the glen.), but he seems to have predeceased that parent, dying before 1634. In a wadset of part of Inveredrie granted by his father in that year (5 and 13 May) to George Farquharson, afterwards of Rochalzie, he does not appear among the consenters, who are his mother and two brothers, so that the presumption is that he was dead. He also married an Ogilvy, Isabel Ogilvy spouse to the said Robert, "consenting to a charter by her husband and his father of the lands of Stronloyn, a pendicle of Dalmunzie, dated 9 March 1616. Perth Sas. ii. 257. Only one son is mentioned Robert, who succeeded his grandfather but in all probability it was his daughter (called Janet in the Brouchdearg MS. but Marjory in a sasine, of 1635) who was first wife of George Farquharson, youngest son of Lachlan F. of Brouchdearg and afterwards first of Rochalzie.

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